Reviewing Memes With KSI [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#86

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 22 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
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  • You need to shave my dude

  • It’s funny how Americans say British people can’t speak English but British people invented English lol

  • 6:50 it's cookies like on a website

  • This is the best crossover in history!

  • Juan 😎👊

  • KSI: exposed pewds Karma: KSI exposed

  • Felix looks weird with a mustache

  • Thanks YT for not notified this

  • @9:25 I feel like I’ve heard that accent on Skins UK!! Lol

  • 1:45 i didnt grow up british but i know everything on that-

  • The like/dislike ratio of this video is insane 🤩

  • Why are there so many dislikes a british person is laughing at them to

  • Ksi to josh- " SHE is a female."

  • "She is a female" - KSI

  • It’s so awkward 😂

  • Dudes just ain’t funny together pewdiepie is the reason for that

  • Mumbo jumbo says "schewtupid"

  • I am 14 years old and I am 5’11

  • 6:23 was the moment I realized KSI and piewds are both idiots

  • Ksi and pewds is a weebs

  • How did they not get the school shooter joke, that's easy money against america lmao

    • they got it ,they just pretended to not to so they wont have to make a comment about it

  • KSI dunno means: Done known

  • It's been 4 months, where's the part 2?

  • The braces one is the most inaccurate thing on earth

  • How tf did I miss this? The bandicam part had me cryinggg

  • 6:11 terrible day to have ears Is ksi speaking tamil

  • Felix getting embarrassed ? 😳

  • Who's going to tell them it's a school shooting reference

  • I'm British and I have never heard anyone speak like that

  • "you did get a F didn't you??"

  • Its like 1523 intro..


  • 29:05 so cute that Felix called it a "block flute" it's in scandinavian languages we call it that. In swedish it's "blokflöjt"

  • 29:23 my form the us and calls it a record haha ya ya

  • I am now dummer .....

  • 3:40 hmm?

  • whats up with the kinemaster!!!!!

  • What can u do with obamium? Drone strike Syria constantly

  • For people that don’t know, people in the UK call cookies, biscuits.

  • Felix is the weird kid in highschool, and JJ is the cool jock who is cool with the weird kid and somehow are cool friends.

    • @Alfred Nietzson lol ok, but I'm referring current perceived personality

    • Jj was not the cool kid in school he was very dumb and weird but now he is a banger

  • Ksi is cringing at these memes just like me

  • juan

  • At least I don’t get shot in maths class when I’m doing school work 🙂

  • "Just type in random black dude, and you might find me." I did and well.. I found him.

  • They really didn’t get most of the British memes

  • Хеллоу я твой новый потпищик

  • "At least i dont get shout at when im doing me school work in maths class"

  • Pewds: uses Bandicam JJ: hasn't activated Windows And JJ mocks Pewds for using Bandicam, that's rich coming from him.

  • I hate Americans

    • 🤣🤣🤣

    • and americans hate you🙂

    • Couz you are british?

  • Am British and I don't know most of the slang KSI said

  • Sweden is still in Europe and Pewdiepie is Swidish. I don't get why Americans think we are afraid of braces 😂😂😂

    • I guess he they were supposed to say british people not all Europeans

  • i like dis vid le big foony

  • hey :)

  • KSI and Pewds not understanding the memes yet laughing is what made this video even better

  • EPIC

  • ☄️

  • How did he tell Felix is using bandicam?

    • Maybe he sees the whole screen and there's a logo of bandicam

  • the website joke means biscuits instead of cookies, they didnt get it xDD

  • theres no 'F' in alevels thats why he got no respect

  • labo'

  • ök

  • 5:11 When you don’t know a foreign language so you just speak loudly and slowly in English.

  • 9.2k British people dislike this video saying: "Oi shut yer bloody mouth!"

  • The perfect crossover doesn’t exi-

  • bandicam old is gold LOL

  • JJ and pewdiepie should sing Hej Monika

  • his mustache is just... no

  • I dont know why i feel so much tension watching this

  • As a american that doesn't know any british people they definitely talk like that

  • The mustace tho hahahahahahahahahqhahhahahhaahahahah

  • I love ksi laughs

  • i don’t know what’s better, the fact that they both let the school shooting joke slide, or KSI misunderstanding the memes

  • 30:57 That actually works lol

  • But biscuits is cookies, not currency lol KSI's IQ 100 dunno 😂

  • Biscuits instead of cookies LMFAOOOOOOOOO

  • 6:24 it’s not because of biscuits being currency, it’s because Americans call biscuits cookies

  • ahhh i miss the intro

  • you look like Luigi go plumb

  • I like how at the end he intentionally showed the one recording

  • PewDiePie: laughs at the second meme Me:u also from Europe though

  • I like how litchrally every meme flew over their heads

    • Quite stewpid init

  • Weeb

  • F for the people who didn't got the chance to listen My heart will go on cover by felix

  • How to spell "Football" with emojis: The world: 🦶⚽ America: 🖐🏈

  • If I was British I would just kms

  • The shot in school joke is British kids comeback to anything American kids roast them for cuz of how many school shooting there are in the US

  • Why did pewdiepie felt so uncomfortable

  • 0:2 = KineMaster

  • After watching this 3 times its still beautiful. A masterpiece

  • Felix: puts green screen up **doesnt chroma key it**

  • Next for meme review, do the "i think there's someone hanging over ther-

  • This is Legendary

  • Credits given to Sive for editing this video for 13m+ people

  • Pls learn ksi Swedish😄😄😄

  • Xd the intro tho!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 and it’s it’s with KineMaster and FlipaClip now I’m not embarrassed🙂🙂

  • I’ve never watched meme review and it seems to be very awkward

  • Everyone uses obs, but pewdiepie uses bandicam and has the most subs, coincidence? I think not

  • Can I just say for all British people to the Americans WE DO NOT SPEAK LIKE THIS

    • bri ish

  • Bri'ish people's teef be like: caveman patrick

  • mad flex that i got to watch the video before the celine dion cover was replaced with sad music