Chalo Vizag Tour| Happy Road Trip to Home town with Pet puppy | ఊరెళ్లిపోదాం..| Vlog | Sushma Kiron

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 26 जानेवारी, 2021
A beautiful Road trip by Car in Cool Climate. Amazing and Wonderful Sceneries of Fog made our Festival Journey filled with Happy reactions. Chalo Vizag is a Happy Family Road trip to Home town in a small car on the occassion of sankranthi Festival. In this Latest Vlog we started to vizag along with our Pet Puppy Booster as our chatterbox son wanted to celebrate Festival in vizag. so we started at early hours on the Festival day to reach on the same day. . This is our Pet dog's first long Journey by car.Hope This new Funny Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam journey by maruti celerio car video makes you to feel like a part of our Family journey and Early morning visuals of roads and fields may relax your mind..Sushma kiron
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  • Akka when u crossed telangana boarder and came to andra Pradesh. What the police or security asked u like we are also going like my doubt is they asked any thing like spandana website like that could u pls say

    • @Sushma Kiron thanks akka so much

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  • You should not put Blinker, Blinker is the indication that says that your car is stopped or not moving.

    • Not only that when we r going in a foggy road or if it is raining heavily we should on the blinker so that it indicates that our car 🚘 is there

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