First To Finish Art School Wins $10,000 Challenge! | ZHC Crafts

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 2 फेबृवारी, 2021
If you finish art school, you win $10,000 no joke
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  • Subscribe and we might let you attend our art school where we give u money to finish it haha

    • Ok that’s cool

    • I'm never allowed to meet you because I'm in England awwww man

    • Yes

    • Hahaha 😂 😂 and okay

    • Mama

  • 🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒😷🤧🤧🤢🤮🤧😥

  • "You both did equally Bad

  • Izzy should have one. St Judes needs the money more then the mental health foundation. At st Judes they don’t make the parents pay for their kids procedures or anything because most of the kids their have lukimia or cancer. No hate towards jake just Izzy should have one

  • Can anyone explain what are they eating in a spoon is it mayonnaise 🤔?!

  • a fork plus a spoon plus a knife =a spife

  • Jake's so lucky

  • I love izzy drawing very much.😉🙃

  • ZHC Can I make some art and send it to you?

  • You should have put the Mona Lisa in the history class

  • Mayoneys is yummy

  • i would love if yall shout me out

  • Please pls pls pls can i have a give away i also follow you on insta gram from the name of ismailrind so ya and pls do more of art s hool videos

  • Michelle is a genius!!!

  • Meyo and ketchup mix together the best

  • we woo wee woo wee woo wee woo weee wooo mckenze is slow as hell lol

  • is michelle pregnant?!

  • Omg I's coo😘😍


  • Your so cool with the glasses🤩

  • that is so cool he id donating the money to mental health i have mental health problems with depression and self harm and suicidal isolation it made me so happy to hear where he is putting that money your videos make my day and bring happiness to me love you guess so much

  • My name is Teddy please give me a shout out I like in subscribe and turn the notifications on you’er so cool

  • Mayonaze isnt bad

  • Is Machel Pregnate?

  • Cool

  • This is so intense! Great art school.... 😅😂🤣

  • Oh it’s not me who needs caulked my big sister I was at nine

  • I could pay the rent but I can’t pay college

  • Hi I’m broke

  • OMG was Mackenzie CRYING?

  • done

  • go follow "Maria Tyler"

  • I didn’t subscribe cuz I didn’t have a account but I would always watch.

  • Izzy should have won the last round for sure

  • Me parents used to watch u and me dad work as a guy who fixes phones but we live in Germany me parents know you they used to watch when I wasn't even born

  • The spork knife already exists

  • kenz is much better omggggggggg

  • Where Jaz??

  • Jake drawings were not good izzy should have won

  • Can you costomive an apple notebook please i am using samsung galaxy 6

  • Hi ice cream is the 236379


  • Can I pls get a normal nintendo switch with a sunset on it

  • Hi zack i just wanted so say you have the best content ever and i love your arts!!😍 i love you Zhc keep you up😍❤

  • Izz was soo good in the finnnaallls

  • Who thinks M. With the red hair was a tiny bit rude

  • why dose everyone hate mayo

  • 👎🏻

  • What is the stuff they have to eat?

    • I would be like CLAM CHOWDER! AAAAAAAAAH! And I just steal the clam chowder and their like I didn’t know if it was mayonnaise or no but definitely not worth eating

    • That kinda looks like a food like clam chowder if I was in the video I would want to know if that is clam chowder because if it is I would want it rather then winning money

  • U just got a new subscriber!

  • I wanna go to art school

  • Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 🎉

  • izzys backpack was so beutiful i dont know why everyone voted for jake

  • Issy is the winner he did the best in my opinion

  • December 5th is my birthday!

  • Yep this is totally not what I learnt in my art class-😭

  • I love ART but love our vids more

  • Done

  • You have the same classes as my mom

  • I love the video

  • Did anyone notice that Jake was the only male and he won? And all the females lost... Nothing against Zach though.

    • I don't think that was because of gender.... Just because we're female it doesn't mean we should get handicapped

  • You should make art with blutack

  • Me pls

  • Everyone be like dying from mayo I love it!! :>>

  • ZHC means zack helping care

  • i sub but never get anything from zhc channle and zhc craft i su to both channle and never give me money give me iphone laptop or anything or in zhc craft video never get called or like get rent or anything if you don't give anything from you i will unsub from both your channel

  • On the last round I feel like izzy should have won but jake definitely won the pool won

  • Wow

  • I respect that it’s exactly 10 minutes

  • Kenz

  • Prank on gri l friend

  • I did but I live far from you and I'm on my antys account

  • I want to meet you so badly I love your videos and would love to be in one! 😆

  • Those glasses🤪

  • can You get 100'000 to kids dat no 💇plz

  • i always wanted to go to art school I wanna be a artist :(

  • i loved izzis outfit

  • i thinkaaa michelle is from china bc china don't have werid taste of mayonnaise

  • including viv

  • Can we appreciate the fact that this video is exactly 10 minutes long?

  • Wish I was there

  • I hate McKenzie I hate herrrrrrrrrrrr and she is making excuses

  • you all are so kind doneee

  • Jesem li ja jedina koja prica bosanski jezik

  • I don't know other why yutuber's hate Maonas but I like maonas a little

  • Kenz Is Such a brat😒🖐🏻

  • a sporkife is already a thing XD

  • Haha

  • Filopinos: we. Love mayonnaise even a big spooon nuuum America: TVT YEEE where Zch is : NOOOO WE HATE MAYONNAISE NUUU

  • No reses

  • can u guys may be donate to cancer research because my mom died of cancer

  • I like you

  • I suscribed

  • A spork knife is a thing lol


  • I love mayo hehe

  • Is më shell or that gerl ueth white hair

  • House your gerlfrend?

  • Jake done a 5 year old drawing Izzy should of won

  • you make amazing art how i relly want to know how