10 Wrestlers Banned Forever In WWE

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 26 डिसेंबर, 2020
Vince McMahon will never want these Wrestlers back after this...
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Topics Discussed In this Video:
1. Wrestlers Who Burnt Bridges With WWE
2. Wrestlers Who Are Banned in WWE
3. Wrestlers Who Never Be In WWE Ever Again
4. Wrestlers Banned Forever In WWE
5. Wrestlelamia


  • Those wrestler who went to AEW are banned forever

  • We're taking Hulk Hogan out of the Hall of Fame and he's never allowed back in the WWE.. few Mania's later.. Hey, I know him..

  • That Jon moxley promo don't seem to silly now lol

  • If Bret Hart came back, after everything Vince did to him, anyone can come back.

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  • Hellyeah Jericho can stay out off WWE, i can't stand him. Whole "You just made the list" thing was soooo stupid and cringe

  • 2 days after Brodie lee passed away 🪦🪦😞

  • No wwe burned bridges with the talent

  • PC cancel culture and banning people is ruining everything including wrestling

  • nobody gets ban forever. they all come back eventually...bret hart, hulk hogan, stone cold, jimmy super duperfly, (i'm surprise he never hire New Jack....wuss!) and like Vince said, "if it's good for business..."

  • Concerning Jon Moxley he stated in an interview that the straw that "broke the camel's back" concerning him leaving WWE was during his final year in the company when he had the heel gimmick of " insane germaphobe" he was asked by creative to do a heel promo during his feud with Roman Reigns where he states "That Roman deserved to get leukemia" however he didn't want to do this due to the fact Roman whom he was friends with in real life had left on medical leave due to actually getting leukemia and understandably like us fans was not thrilled with the idea of using Roman's battle with leukemia as a cheap way to get shock value and heel heat and found the proposed promo tasteless and disrespectful.

  • Isn't Luke Harper dead tho

  • Take brodie Lee off. They honored brodie lee

  • What was the name of the wrestler at 15:48 ? I can’t remember what happens to him.

  • 13:12

  • You know... I bet once Vince McMahon passes on, these bans will be lifted, and they'll be allowed to enter the Hall of Fame.

  • R.I.P. BRODIE LEE/LUKE HARPER, and all wrestlers who have passed. Prayers, love, support, are being sent from our family to yours. Peace and much love sent from Ontario, Canada.

  • Video begins at 1:35... Unless you wanna hear a wannabe british accent dude give it a go at it by listening to himself talk.

  • Nailz 😊

  • This video makes no sense. We all know Vince values nothing more than money. No bridge is burned for any wrestler if then can make him money.

  • It’s their not thier

  • OMG I just learned, this channel is under the umbrella of WWE, wow

  • Vince he usually brings everyone back for 1/4 of the price and use them from them on.

  • 0:53 Love this moment

  • Triple H will F punk up!!!

  • *their*

  • NXT lost the Wednesday night wars. Too bad Triple H.

  • Luke Harper's not coming back because hes dead lol

  • WWE what a joke 😂

  • Paul Wight needs to be added to this list.

  • at 4:12 he touched his **in front of millions of people

  • Agree with Steiner

  • Vince launched nxt against aew not cody

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  • 9:53 dont callme by a slave name while he litterly uses it in his name. smh

  • RIP Brodie lee😭😭😭😭

  • I think Vince McMahon and Triple H are a a top 5 public enemy lol. Everybody hates them and it's warranted. they're scumbags

  • Jordan Myles thinks he's Kanye West. Absolute fool.

  • Jordan miles fucked him self over by over reacting to a shirt like I see nothing that even resembles black face he just wants attention

  • In the words of Karrion Kross I see tick tock

  • WWE could fall very soon if this continues

  • Creative process is the problem with Vince McMahon and his company like I would give them a 20% job approval rating compared to politics


  • I missed Dean Ambrose by Steve Irungu Jermaine

  • Couldn’t Jordan have just asked the color of the shirt to be changed from Black to gold or blue or purple or white?

    • No because that means he would not get the attention he needs

  • 5:20 you published on his death??

  • 2:11 nice kiss! :)

  • Why on earth was Dean Ambrose banned????

  • That Jordan Myles one is just stupid, it was just a black shirt with a red shape on it with some words in said shape.

  • Jericho will never be back. His wife and mother in law were questioned by FBI for the insurection, not counting anything Jericho has said, a publicly traded company wouldn't touch him

  • I always wondered why HHH was always "winning" every match and the whole promotion basically revolved around him, despite the fact that I didn't know a single person who liked him as a wrestler. Now that I know he was fuckin the boss' daughter, it all makes sense.

    • @Bong Jovi okay am open to people's opinions, who would you put as top 3?

    • @Rai Ford lol sure he was, buddy...

    • Lmao triple h was one of the best wrestlers of all time

  • wait you are wearing a white t shirt?! you RACIST

  • i think people that think everything is racism probably have some sort of mental illness. either that or theyre BSing to gain from it.

  • OMG Jordan Myles just pulled a Kanye at 9:07, LOL.

  • rip brodie lee

  • If he forgave Hogan he will forgive Jericho one day.

  • Who the Hell is Jordan Myles?


  • Many forgot that WWE started all these mocking other Companies back in the 90s and then bragging to control literally the whole Wrestling World!! you give some, be prepared to get some!!!

  • I never watch wwe cause hhh and it was fake and all the characters that were so popular left

  • thats crazy that vince can "ban" wwe talent from appearing on Jerichos podcast. well its not like ban, its more like if you go on jericho's podcast, youre fucking fired

  • Just waiting for Jeff Hardy to join his brother

  • AEW is better anyways

  • CM PUNK❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • This Brodie segment hasn't aged well at all. I know you couldn't have known but damn!

  • 4:20

  • Ultimate warrior...Jeff Hardy...MVP...never say never.

  • And yet Scott Steiner and his “brother “ allegedly did some pranks that would qualify as sexual assault. I always did despise him

  • R.I.P., Luke Harper/Brodie Lee.

  • Is this video of Jeff Hardy from 0:38-0:42 on MRlevel?...

  • If the fans cant see AEW and WWE are working together to make wrestling relevant again they are dumb

  • 1:10 I put this here to remember my spot

  • Myles is one of those people that yell racism when things dont go his way. Victim mentality.

    • IKR. BTW at least Punk returned to WWE (sort of) as an analyst on WWE Backstage in early 2020.

  • Rip brody lee 😭😭😢😢😭😭😢

  • You can't convince me he's not saying "wrestle labia"

  • WWF WWE Vince are pure Jokes , when Flair had the NWA belt working for Vince and the camera would video distort it was a down right disrespect to the all they held it and wrestled for the NWA ..

  • I feel bad for seeing Brodie lee in this vid

  • That damn wwe creative process man

  • No Benoit

  • the same day he passed

  • anyone knows why wwe didn't mourn for Luke Harper as the company always does for other passing superstars ?

  • The guy called WWE racist because a shirt was black not white. Lmao As if they don't have any black talent on their rosters. Bro, you're obviously just the weirdo here.

  • Ryback's complaints don't seem valid if he was a safety complaint. That seems like a situation where if you just improved at your job, you wouldn't have had to be let go. Idk, I did enjoy watching him when I used to though and don't know or really care to investigate the safety issues. You see a guy get dropped on the back of his head and wonder what the name of the finisher is.

  • No one is banned forever, especially not if they're a draw. The only real exception being ryback due to him being very unsafe and clearly not a draw.

  • everything in American black person's life is racist... get over yourselves

  • According to Jericho, he left on good terms and left the door open to a possible return someday. So I think that part is wrong.

  • Man got offended because the shirt is black, man black people get offended so easily and will find any excuse to get angry, its literally a shirt

  • Banning someone because they work for the competition is like disowning your daughter for marrying a man you don't like. It makes no fucking sense.

  • Lee was not banned WWE said Rip to him on their Twitter. Also Punk is not banned maybe he was at one point. Great video tho.

  • What is wrong with that t-shirt?!


  • Dean Ambrose miss u shield.lovers like her e

  • you make a black t-shirt,and suddenly you are racist?

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  • That’s not the Rolling Stones you Nimrod that’s the band kiss

  • Is it Burnt their Bridges...or Banned forever? TBF... a lot of these guys won't be in WWE again because they have ZERO value to the WWE. I think Jericho will be back, maybe when retired. He is eventually a HoF candidate for sure.

  • rip brody lee

  • Big steroid pump Scott Steiner

  • Jeff still there....??

  • Jordan myles don’t even deserve to still be mentioned he’s a clown dude nobody is racist but him it’s 2021 for crying out loud