Royal Enfield Meteor 350 vs Honda H'ness CB350 vs Benelli Imperiale 400 |Comparison| Autocar India

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 21 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Welcome to the big fight for the title of the best retro bike in India. With us today are the all-new Royal Enfield Meteor 350 and Honda H'ness CB350. Joining the duo is the Benelli Imperiale that was the winner of our last retro bike comparison. Rishaad Mody compares the trio across all parameters to give one definitive winner.
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0:00 - Introduction
0:58 - Design and styling
2:47 - Instruments and features
4:26 - Quality
5:22 - Engines
6:01 - Exhaust sound and refinement
7:25 - Performance
9:16 - Frame and ergonomics
11:35 - Pillion comfort
11:45 - Suspension
12:13 - Highway cruising
12:45 - Handling
13:07 - Braking
13:35 - Prices and verdict
14:03 - Meteor 350 vs H'ness CB350
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  • Until now the Classic 350 didn't have a fuel gauge but the meteor now has a navigation readout? What parallel universe am I in?

  • HONDA forever !

  • I want meteor with honda engine

  • Self with kick start method is better than without kick

  • This is a very nice review! I think The Royal Enfield looks awsome!

  • The Honda needs a removable pillion seat to allow for a rear rack.

  • RE❤️ Meteor🔥

  • Who buys Benelli?

  • Nearest big wing is 350km away from my town...... thank you Honda😒

  • RE always 💪🏼

  • I love R.e but I ll choose honda. My experience

  • I'll stick with my Benelli UK price bargain even though I've rode Honda's for years the Enfield Meteor isn't retro enough for me !

  • I liked Honda exhaust as i have heard it in person. Bike looks pretty cool with all the chrome.

  • Whatever it is.. Always RE 😍

  • wish either one of them (or all) had a reverse gear. parking on a down slope with no space in between, will be a nightmare.

  • Great review 👍. Want this comparison review in Thailand. What the vibrations are like of these 3 while going around 110-120 kph?

  • RE is RE thats it❤️✌🏽

  • Booked my RE stellar exicted

  • RE front indicators should have been lowered

  • We are waiting meteor 350 in Brazil.

  • I have 2000km on my bi400 and had to call road assistance few days ago. Unfortunately, dealership says that they have found an ignition problem. Did anyone had a similar issue ?? I'll keep you posted when I have more info. Besides this I love the bike!!!

  • I cant wait to see the Meteor in the UK.That yellow is gorgeous,really liking what Royal Enfield are doing today.....

  • RE wins ❤️

  • This is a tried and tested region of RE. The rest are only trying to match RE

  • RE😍😍😍wins

  • Waiting for Yamaha to join this band wagen.. you never they may come join n this party late.

  • RE win because of smoothness

  • CB is overall a better buy

  • Re engine look more beautiful

  • Great vlog. Like both Honda and RE.

  • My choice is always Royal Enfield 👍🏍️🏍️🏍️

  • One of the best review i have ever seen

  • Waiting eagerly for the Honda Rebel 300. Unfortunately they'll sell it only in the big wings. They should at least keep the option of servicing them in the small showrooms.

  • Bullet lover

  • The representation is at another level in this video

  • Honda is no.1 bike Maker. No.1 in reliability and Comfort.

  • I test drove the Royal Enfield meteor Java 42 and Honda CB 350 , My dad in his college days used to ride ,Java So in the back of my head I had a biased towards Royal Enfield and Jawa and Honda was my last choice but surprisingly it did well more than my expectation, Engine refinement and less vibration and refinement is a win for me.

  • I took the test ride of meteor 350 and won't believe that it's from RE family.. #suparv

  • Excellent professional comparison, it was a joy to watch;-}

  • Nice comparison. But I think it's a big mistake to say (at 7:04), that the Honda is the most sporty-sounding of the three. These are not sportsbikes, so why would anyone want them to sound 'sporty'?

  • Which one is the best seller of the three?

  • Purchased RE meteor 350. Unmatched riding comfort.Great bike to own.

  • Really good review thanks

  • Which bike is good for tall rider's?

  • RE rules the road. Always. Who is with me?????

  • Your reviews are so good coz you saying about the vehicles quality and if is there any problem with that you find it and talks about it or show it. that's cool and helps people who are going to buy it. most of the reviewers forgets that part

  • h'ness 🥰😍🤩

  • After seeing this, H'ness is good in terms of engine refinement and exhaust note but they fail in terms of reachability, RE wins here, also it is much confident to drive, lot of customization options also the lesser price. My vote for RE.

  • Honda is far better than re

  • Meteor...❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

  • Was a bit confused between the Honda and RE, going with Honda ❤️

  • RE is professional in its bikes... No doubt on it... Honda just trying to capture the RE market by its popularity and its vast local stores. Agree, few features make it different from RE. However, the feeling will not be captured Honda anymore like RE.

  • Honda is legend

  • Meteor blew both of the bikes out of water.

  • Even if RE 10,000 cheaper Honda base variant comes with slipper clutch and traction control,..

  • Thanks to India, Royal Enfield survived, despite Japanese bikes particularly Honda, dominates the market 60 years ago. If it weren't because of India, RE would be long gone.

  • Horrible ! duke like sounding Honda but good that Honda considered India this time.

  • Always Royal Enfield

  • Honda with just one vehicle is competing with RE. No doubt had a test drive of both the vehicles. Being a RE owner let's accept the reality highness is one of the kind and no words🔥🔥🔥

  • Honda Highness is an UNCLE JI Boring bikelike Unicorn/Splendor, No Looks/Retro/Adventure nothing for Young Guys... R.E., Jawa, KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki are for Looks/Retro/Adventure...

  • Been waiting for this comparison 🤟🏻🔥.

  • RE is RE. And now, they are smooth too. Wait till classic come with this engine option and new chassis.

  • Highness is an UNCLE JI bike with boring, boring & boring looks........not suitable for young guys

  • It's not like hness excels only above 70 kmph in fifth gear, when throttled light it triggers eco mode makes the bike a bit sluggish whilst punching more miles from the litres. I own RE 2014 classic and I just love it, its my passion. I won't complain about the worst after service and the small niggles and jiggles one faces but rather address the biggest loopholes like tappets noise, and chassis crack. Yes you heard it right the chassis eventually gets cracked if you use the side stand regularly. You can imagine it's impact on the riders mind who has kept the machine like a charm throughout these years. Verdict : RE has to improve and assimilate what's coming from the riders to address plaints properly.

  • Honda h 350 best

  • Honda almost had it,,, I'm sure they're asking the right questions to RE, Next iterations they might as well get a bigger slice of the market, if they're heading in this direction..

  • Brilliant video and I agree with all you say about the Benelli- Spot on!

  • no one can replace royal enfield

  • Honda is average bike. Design are seemed to be CD DAWN OF HERO HONDA. BENELLI IS FAR BETTER THAN HONDA IN TERMS OF DESIGN AND SPEC . IT IS VERY NEARER TO Meteor 350 .

  • My vote 4 RE METEOR 350

  • H ness🔥🔥

  • Highness should be compared with classic in my opinion

  • If you want to ride like a king then go to RE meteor. Sitting position and balance makes this bike very comfortable. Meteor other variants are more good looking than this variant.

  • To all the guys who are falling for honda... Please wait until the big daddy arrives... The new classic 350 . It will be a thorough bred retro motorcycle.

  • Have to try honda

  • After lot of watching reviews and thinking I booked Meteor though my preference was CB350. Reason for Meteor is better looks and road presence, better instrument console. What I don't like in Meteor is the low seating forward foot peg. This will give backache on bad roads because you cannot lift your bum. I am hoping to ride primarily in city and highways. CB350 has better rider seating angle, awesome sound and top quality. However it should improve rear suspension which is stiff, increase seat length and improve chasis design which has gaps. I will buy this Honda in its second edition whenever it comes after 1-2 years by selling the Meteor. Hopefully Honda would have incorporated the feedback by then.

  • What about the mileage???

  • Benelli 400(Italian motorcycle but made for india) 😆

  • Cb350 can built its own cult but for that honda needs to change its marketing and designing team

  • ROYAL ENFIELD WINS here... 👍👍❣️❣️🎊🎉🎊🎉

  • Benelli is better than all...

  • Disappointed by honda they should have brought rebel 350 and 500

  • Auto car you are the best in class of comparing the model keep going I love to watch it .

  • Neend new facelift model of 302R

  • Back to 80s

  • IF benelli doing price reduction , it would be great for them to keep in the hunting .... becoz price seems costly comparing the same segments of other market leaders

  • Royal Enfield is good bike but not meant for speed and good cruiser/ commutator..but in showroom service literally not good..they will not care about the bike..they are only for money making thats it..

  • after watching this video l subscribed to your channel becoz of the every detailed comparing mainly tyre size and wheel size,meteor for 140 rear tyre even though 17 inches whell ,loved the way you represented the motorcycle it's always thumps up👍👍👍

  • Only Honda H'Ness Bcoz Royal Enfield is everywhere

  • Very well thought out review sir!

  • A measly 21hp motorcycle sold in a Honda bigwing outlet. People who go to bigwing honda to buy this will get an inferiority complex when the cheapest motorcycle sold there is CBR650 and the top dog retails for 30+ lacs.😂😂😂

  • I need this in Indonesia ♥

  • But not 50k customers going for meteor either classic or standard very less sales for meteor so that re launched it first 🤣...but new classic and standard will be going to be next year

  • My meteor giving mileage only 25 in eco city riding less than 25.. which is upsetting me..😒

  • Excellent comparison. Very useful analysis. Thanks

  • Excellent comparison. Very useful analysis. Thanks

  • I'm really interested in a Neo-Retro bike... and I am torn between the Highness and the Meteor... I rode both and was pleasantly surprised by the Meteor. My riding is predominantly city, and I couldn't help but wonder if I should wait for the refined RE classic 350 built on the new J platform which may be around the corner if rumors are to be believed.

  • The stealth black re meteor is 👌

  • After watching them for nearly a year, I think Autocar makes the most professional and decisive car /bike reviews in the country.

  • Though I do like the Honda CB 350 but due to availability issue, I may eventually take the RE Meteor because it is easily accessible unlike Honda which wants the CB 350 to be limited to its premium Big Wing showrooms.