Mi 11 Ultra Review - Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 12 एप्रिल, 2021
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  • Thanks so much for waiting for my video on this one - wanted to make sure it was good! 👊 To check out the worst Tech fails of the decade: mrlevel.info/two/ioCMnYSLonq_eWw/vhi-i


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    • The best way xiaomi do is advertise there product i dont see a commercial on tv or ads on youtube about xiaomi phone thats why this is not so popular but so beast specs

    • Which is better mi 11 ultra or iphone 12 pro max

  • I just love my Samsung too much to ever go to a different brand

  • My phone cost 170 dolars i have redme 9 a

  • u r the best youtuber but can u post like 2 or 3 videos a month or post 4 or 5 shorts a week coz more vdos can entertain more people and more people will get ur vdos in suggestions

  • 8:10 what game is that?

  • nice job done with vid.. lightning is much better in your recent videos..m loving it..

  • How does it add up with security and pay services ??

  • I abandoned Xiaomi since I simply couldn't reply to a sms while on call. A ridiculously basic thing that just didn't work.

  • I have the regular S21 and it's great. Same power as the ultra, but to each their own. I would of bought the ultra but the no expandable memory kept me from spending the extra cash.

  • Hi, curious to know if these Chinese phones, like Xiaomi or OnePlus or Poco, have access to google store as a built in or not? THANKS!

  • One UI is much better than MI UI

  • Where do you think is the best place to buy this phone? Aliexpress?

  • 5:01 he just rickrolled us

  • No way I'm using anything Chinese. I wouldn't trust it as a doorstop.

  • S 20 ultra tho

  • I didn't like it because you don't show it by moving a mini cell phone that is next to the camera

  • Homer: We will take over the world, weare China or not?

  • 8:10 what's the name of that game?? Please someone tell me

  • How can one get the M11 ultra to Nigeria

  • There’s something about this guy’s videos that is so incredibly relaxing and exciting at the same time. He is my absolute favorite MRlevel creator.

  • 8:04 Lol guess you've never played Minecraft on max settings

  • What about it s microphone????

  • Stop promote CCP products.

  • Miui 🤢

  • The S21 ultra has the same processor as that mi 11. But the S21 ultra has 108 mp camera and 40mp selfie cam and 4k selfie video. 🤳

  • It looks like a crewmate

  • Nice video!!!

  • Any updates on thid or the next mi or samsung phone please

  • Buy a Chinese phone? Don't be stupid

  • please send me a phone

  • 50 MP camera used is from Samsung ISOCELL GN2 sensor

  • If it wasn’t filled with spyware 🤷🏻

  • Realme is 6000mah bro

  • Do huawie p50

  • Did anyone else noticed he materialized himself at the start of his video? Neat special effects! :D

  • Mimpi la.. aku dh guna semua fon. Yg paling tak guna china fon. Beli atas 3k pun tak ada benda bagus. Samsung iphone je boleh guna, keluar duit ribu² 2 brand ni je boleh guna

  • "That's what she said"

  • thats what she said lmao

  • finally, a phone trying to be sold on usability and not aesthetic...wish i could afford lol

  • My buddy has the Xiaomi, my brother has the iphone 12 pro max another buddy of mine has the google pixel 5. I have had the Samsung S9 the Samsung S10 I just sold a Samsung s20fe. I have multiple coworkers with the one plus 9. I have had the pleasure of using a Note 10 and recently a note 20 Ultra. I have also had multiple past iPhones that I sold to friends, one of them being the 2020 version of the iPhone SE the iPhone 11 the iphone XR. I have also had the pleasure of using LG's last two flagship phones and a couple Motorola phones that would be considered their best devices as well. In my honest opinion nothing compares to the S21 Ultra. I got the snapdragon 888 version with 512gb and 16gb ram. The only phone in my opinion that comes close to the S21 Ultra is the sibling phone the S21 Plus and obviously the iPhone 12 pro Max. The 12 pro Max would probably rank second on my list as far as capabilities, functionalities, power and aesthetics. Obviously the 12 pro Max has a good chip in it the A14 bionic chip makes the iphone 12 pro Max undeniably amazing as well. Now I have not had the opportunity to use the Xiaomi as my everyday device not even for a day. I had the opportunity to hold one test out the functions and one of my best buds that I talked to every day owns one. This buddy of mine I speak of, his wife has the S21 Ultra. He has borrowed his wife's phone for a couple weeks when coming to work just to see how he feels about it himself. He regrets not getting the S21 Ultra himself. The phone is a bit pricey I will admit but in my honest opinion it's worth every penny. Also though, you cannot go wrong with the 12 pro max if apple is your thing. It is also an amazing device. Keep a lookout for the next apple flagship devices to drop, I have heard amazing things about what apple is in the process of doing! I have a feeling they're next flagship device is going to be an absolute powerhouse. But for now the Samsung S21 also takes the cake hands down. I've had a lot of experience with many different devices and you could not convince me any different.

  • Can i have 1 smartphone from u?

  • 0:57 you ain't slick boi

  • Looks like Xiao is just playing copy and catchup. Anyone can do that.

  • I decide to phone with three major groups: price, camera, and speed. I will stick with Samsung.

  • Xiaomi can never beat Samsung. Talking out of experience. Too many bugs and errors in Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro that left me in shock and saddened me, cuz I was a big fan of Xiaomi (for giving people plenty of specifications for fair amount of money comparing to other companies) Xiaomi needs to slow down and work more precisely to give better experience for users

  • The best mobile review I've seen ever. Incredible job on the video. #Respect

  • Its too expensive.

  • Imma buy one

  • I wish I wasn’t poor I’d love to be able to afford a $1,000 phone 🥺

    • stop wishing and get to work, lol

  • Samsung I’ve never had any luck with, even with the galaxy s4, note 4, note 8 , after my note 8 I never wanted to get another Samsung product, mainly because I can’t go to the store and ask for help when it starts acting weird, and all the permissions it asks for on everything on the phone, I got an iPhone 7 and have never had any issue with it for years now, and it actually remembers my passwords unlike my shitty Samsung’s , the camera was better on my note 8 but it randomly says my pics are corrupt and I lost a bunch of videos and pictures , so fuck Samsung, they’re shit

  • 3

  • Why would anyone support this Chinese company? Do any Uyghurs own one of these? Support communism if you like.

  • and both phones cameras will still lag in social media apps like Instagram, tik tok etc.

  • Hai dude these fucking phone is Chinese He will beaten your channel within a year because you are supporting China 🇨🇳who is built Cortana also mi. He means world. I am not enjoyed. But I have a hope in u.

  • so u have not tried realme GT

  • I literally JUST made up my mind to get the Ultra & I OFTEN drop my phone on my face. This man actually said "God helps whoever accidentally drops this on their face one night"😓

  • Now we're talking business.

  • Bts are gay

  • Thank you Arun .... think the S21 ultra is the first choice.... Samsung will rise again..

  • Still after looking at the logo , feels like to just pass ... No offense but i just don't like the brand . I know no one cares whether i like it or not still , just saying ...😅

  • The simple loaf neuropathologically jam because stranger preclinically mess up in a rebel budget. optimal, shaky indonesia

  • Ultra-fast charging and battery life is great as well

  • Why does it seem like this is a rap battle between the two smartphones

  • Not convincing enough, Samsung Still winning

  • seriously, never gonna give you up y u keep rickrolling us, pewdipie would quit youtube from this but this is not a hate comment

  • Pause at 0:58

  • I had a xiaomi redmi note 8 and that phone was sweet. unbeatable for its price. I really liked MIUI too. now that I have an s21 there are things I still miss about my xiaomi

  • My guy always finds a way to rickroll us 😆

  • Fun fact the adds were all for samsung mobile

  • I want a phone without facebook,android,google or any of the social media.I just want some internet,texing,calling and download a few games

  • Need a phone that has a charger port on the left side so I can play cod a phone bigger than the rog phone that has the same charger port set up and I can't find one so I will wait needs to be 6.8 inches or bigger preferably 7 inches plus

  • That phone is sus

  • bla bla bla bla........... still a Chinese cheap phone where the customers data will be store in China CCP building.

    • Fun fact: xiaomi is nit a military goverment orginization So no data goes to china!! Stop being racist

    • Awww~ you jealous? Sorry about that 😢

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  • I wonder how much China paid you for this review.

  • i love the way it looks, just taking good amount of the back

  • Perfect comparison

  • Only problem is that xmioa (whatever u spell it) it suffers the same as huawei. Not supported by google.

    • @enz maybe they fixed the issue. But usa's laws goes against china's spy law.

    • What? My mom bought a xiaomi and its got all the google features lmao... Like 3days ago

    • @Roblox Cat Honor X50 is back with google(a huawei brand phone)

    • @Just some guy with a longest name on the internet no. Google dont like huwaei country spy law

    • Google is coming back to huawei now

  • for now ever i am a fan of xiaomi

  • The video priorities :xiomi The ad: samsung Me:=_=

  • I was literally watching this video and got an ad about sound shoes with you in it. If that’s not a coincidence idk what is

  • Its like xiaomi vs samsung and samsung vs iphone. xiaomi cameras suck, but they give you bigger sensor. Same as samsung, they have bigger sensor but iphone has better camera.

  • 00:57 I know what u did last summer!😉

  • i love how some people dont realize xiaomi isnt a chinese goverment orginization lmaoo same for all of the other smartphones

  • samsungs low-end devices are extremely overpriced ngl

  • That's what she said.

  • Looks weird for me I don’t like it

  • 0:57 I SAW THAT

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  • This looks so dope.

  • It may be all that but does it work on every network in the U.S. ? If you can't use it on every carrier including Verizon...it's a paperweight.

  • Nope, i am gonna stick with samsung. Not using phones made by chinese companies.

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  • chinese propaganda suits the western but not the eastern LOL

  • Mi is worse in software experience and updates, they release Smartwatch and phones then forget about it.

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  • Samsung paid noob bots will say S21 camera it's better. 🤣🤑🤑🤑

  • One thing though. Getting a Samsung flagship will return more coin than a Xiaomi flagship when I decide to sell it 1 year down the road for the next flagship.

  • Can it take shots of the noon?

  • I'd venture to say that your videos are a benchmark for quality reviews. Above and beyond with compelling perspectives and great presentation. "Oi" 😆

  • Xiaomi no killed samsung

  • some people really missed thats what she said hahah