Last 5 minutes of MotoGP Q2 | 2020 #AlcanizGP

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 25 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
The fight for pole position produced a historic result! 🙌
Watch the tense closing minutes of Q2 in Teruel! 🔥
#AlcanizGP 🏁
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  • 1st Nakagami 2nd morbideli 3rd rins

  • eu amo motovelocidade.

  • Like like 👍👍

  • Go Go....

  • Very Nice Morbideli

  • Rins is my boy but damn, Nakagami and that Honda has got dem wings!

  • Just love it

  • Joan Mir and Alex Rins all the way , Let's Go Suzuki

  • 👍😍🌹💚

  • タケ ナカガーミィ😆👍✨


  • 😎🙏🙌✌

  • Show😎✌

  • All motogp riders is so cool!

  • 中上君えぐ!

  • Indonesia go

  • Wow! Honda did it ! No wonder they got such high rpm lol ! Unless they re just faking it ? Hard to say we only hear the voice of the commentator ! Ferrari was faking it in previous year ! They broke a lot because of it ! but the little I could hear ? It look like Honda adopted stupidity spirit

  • Honda 👍👍👍💪💪💪👏👏👏

  • interesting

  • what miisAmiisA LIKE.

  • Saudades de valentino

  • Get rid of female commentators and interviewers, they suck!!!!

  • go Taka!!!

  • joan mir

  • Sukawan🚴🚵Su

  • my prediction for podium,, 1. nakagami 2. vinales 3. morbidelli

  • 5:16 (30)🏍🏍🏍💥💥✌✌✌osm

  • Kangen battle barisan terdepan Yamaha Ducati Honda Suzuki seperti jamanya Marc Marquez Kalo gda battle nya bikin ngantuk

  • Apa kabar ni vr 46..🇲🇨❤️

  • Looks like all the championship rivals will struggle today! And make the standings even tighter.

  • Semoga Rossi menang

  • Alcaniz itu masih sama aragon?

  • bravo zarco

  • What time race this

  • Go Fabio Quatararo

  • Quatararo isn’t the same as last year just like Dovi. If they were both on last years level than this championship would between them two

  • Zarco causes trouble again, hhh F-U zarco😒

  • Yamaha 🏁

  • Joan Mallorca

  • 初ポールポジションの次は初優勝!!がんばれ中上!!!

  • Hope Modenas Malaysia 🇲🇾can join this race one day

  • Naik podium, joan mur, alex rins,alex marquez

  • "honda is only for marc marquez"

  • Hondas have goo warrior illegal ecus

  • El diablo👿😈

  • Petronas nine world champion f1⛽🏎️🏍️

  • Take has been coming good slowly but surely. I’d love him to win the race too... just imagine !

  • Great to see Nakagami on pole! What a lap. 👍🏻😁

  • F.morbideli21👍

  • Live race please 🙏

  • Start in 12th position is a disaster for Mir? Are you kidding me?

  • Thanks for listening MotoGP thats a lot better than the usual editing 👍

  • Make him the ninth winner..!

  • Strong Alex Marquez You can do it💪

  • I'm from indonesia support Joan mir

  • Selamat untuk Taka Nakagami.

  • More videos like this please. -No irritating edits -Commentary included -Longer videos

    • right now we get both... I'm not in favour of them taking the others away

  • Rins the real assasin on grand prix

  • Fu©k it. Go Nakagami. It's about time we some Asian guys doing extremely well in GP racing. Love from 🇺🇲 for Naka.

  • Suzuking

  • Shogun

    • Motor ya sama suzuki shogun

  • Fuul f1,2,3,4 Q1&Q2

  • he totally worth it!! go on taka

  • You must and must update the video faster 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • โมบิเด...ไปให. เเรงๆ.ชนะ.สวยๆ

  • Saw a Japanese comment that said taka means eagle 🦅

    • It's hawk. Eagle is washi.

  • Go get P1 AMar

  • Congratulations Taka! Good luck with race.


  • Semoga 5 tahun kedepan ada rider MotoGP dari Indonesia, karena selama ini pembalap motor asal Indonesia performanya kurang bagus karena kalau mau latihan harus keluar negeri dulu yang membutuhkan banyak biaya, karena kondisi sirkuit sentul sudah tidak ter urus.

    • @Aziz Noah ya mengkanya dibangun Sirkuit Mandalika supaya para pembalap Indonesia bisa latihan tanpa harus keluar negeri, jadi bisa dimaksimalkan latihannya, pembalap Indonesia tuh kata gw cuma "kurang latihan" aja

    • Sulit bro, di moto2 aja 0 poin

  • 46 how are you

  • Go tech 3 team! #tech3

  • I reckon Takaaki has the ability to become the next Mark Marquez. His ability is unreal!

    • Nope. Only 1 Marc Marquez

  • 🏍️🔥💨🔥💨🔥💨🔥💨🔥let's start!!!

  • I'm so Happy to 😊 watch young Nakagami to the Pole position, it's going to be a great competition between Rins and Nakagami, love to watch the race .. All the best 😁👍❤️ Taka Nakagami to Win the race

    • Nakagami crash .... Sad Yamaha win ... 👍🔥 ( Morbideli)..

    • its the end nakagami crash

  • I was highly expecting Maverick Viñales to conquer the first pole position. But Takaki Nakagami was Unexpected one. Congratulations Taka 👍

  • 30wow!

  • Ououuuu Bagnaia ou est tu 🤣 Zarco mérite beaucoup plus la ducati officiel Bagnaia à était fort sur une course misano la piste où il roule tout les jours avec la vr46 academy

  • I love suzuki Joan mir & rins Nyalakan nyali


  • F.Quartararo👍

  • fans mm 93 and am73 like 👇

  • Indonesia fans 🇮🇩

  • Aragon kok aneh ya, minggu kemarin kayanya agak dingin cuacanya tapi sekarang kenapa panas banget keliatannya? Pantes mir Q2 pake soft kendor

  • podium 1 alex marquez

  • Shocks nasa likod nya mga may panalo. But still rooting for taka! Kahit podium lng pero mas better pag win !!

  • go go bradley smith

  • Zarco is back

  • Congratulations! first rider for japanase in pole position since Makoto Tamada in 2004. now you're the best ever rider japanase.


    • @pete smyth yesss, I hope he gets on the podium in the race.

  • Alex rins 42

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • We love you Rossi

  • Ayo Taka!!! Jangan mau kalah sama Sijuki eh Suzuki 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Aleix Espargaro and Bradley Smith ! .

  • ducati and ktm seem like running out of energy

  • lets go taka


  • vinales goooo

  • さあ初表彰台を優勝で飾ろうぜ!がんばれ中上!!!