HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 30 एप्रिल, 2021
Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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    • The next episode should be like a racing type. I LIKE CARS

    • Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

    • 0 l Prv^¿*^^

    • mrlevel.info/two/kWp-dJSYq2zJkI0/vhi-i.

    • Ptpt

  • How did they pull Norman redus



  • The people who disliked this video hurt their clavicle.

  • Norman cucking Reedus? It’s like the stars aligned for him to play that role. Well done Helluva cast!

  • 8:54 can we just talk about this 😃✋🏽

  • So In the beginning of the episode, blitzo says he hasn't been to wrath, but when he was talking to Verosika Mayday, she said he stole her credit card and ran 3 rings to wrath to buy horse riding lessons.

  • Bad show

    • @kaliedoscope.mp4 Not funny, too many bad words!

    • how so?

  • are there going to hazbin hotel episodes coming out any time soon? i love helluva boss but i really, really want to see hazbin hotel go past the pilot episode

  • That shark really likes to beat the funky out of moxie

  • Strider is the reason I'm bleaching my eyes rn

  • 17:00 17:09 17:24

  • Spoiler: the next episode will be on earth (every second episode will be on earth)

  • how did striker get stabbed five times and not be effected at all

  • Luna was so useless this episode she needs an Upgrade.

  • “That’s what she said” “What who said? Wait, what BITCH is talking shit about ME?”

  • HA Blitz Striker. Beyblade joke.

  • I wonder when they will make more Hazbin Hotel...

  • Epic very epic and incredibel

  • am i the only one that’s gonna address that striker is voiced by fucking NORMAN REEDUS-

  • Man can't wait for the next episode fighting against a enemy

  • I think it would be cool to see how blitzo moxy and Millie ended up in hell or there life before

  • Suggestion for Episode 6: In this episode Mille and Moxxie have a child

  • More

  • Why does blitz have a white spot on his face but moxxie has white spot freckles

  • At the end of the games moxxie has a black eye pans to striker has big black eye pans back doesn't have a scratch on him blitz appears has scratches and a black eye


  • 4:20 millie’sgiggle 🥺

  • It’s funny how I watch this with my whole family and this is about hell and they pray to god 24/7 LOL

  • This should've been in two parts. Would've made it more suspenseful and compelling. I'm sad to see this series is being so rushed.

  • My favorite part was when striker pinned blitzo..!!!! ❤️❤️😻😻

  • Am i the only person who gets this video reccomended every 10 minutes?

  • "THE HARVEST MOON FESTIVAL?! YEE-FUCKIN-HAW!" If only I had this type of energy

  • 14:08 just for an experiment

  • "im glad my instand dislike of you has been validated" -moxie

  • Thought I recognized Norman Reedus's signature grumble.

  • I have a question. Do u make a book for "series,shorts,..."? A example (bad luck jack 2).

  • 14:30

  • I am Wyatts sleep paralysis demon.

  • 9:07

  • As much as I love the story in this episode, the fps took a real hit.

  • God stolas is so cute!! Why can’t there be more tall bottoms 😭

  • striker looks finee~ but he evil

  • I feel like Luna and octavia would be the best bffs lol

  • Make some more hasbin hotel

  • 17:21 Interesting moment

  • paRT 2

  • one sec, what kinda leather is blitzo's jacket?

  • Good episode

  • ¿ Algún día podría haber un crossover de helluva boss y viernes 13 ?

  • moxie have sweared a lot in this..

  • I like how the owl doesn’t give a flying fuck that his wife is talking to the person that she wants to kill him and is just eating dinner

  • -She's my daughter. -Only on paper. Love this! Also -You all don't deserve to know my name. Such a mood. 🤣 I might have to use that line on someone one of these days.

  • Mt bom!!!!!!!

  • "Hmmm he sounds so familiar... I wonder who he - OMFG ITS NORMAN REEDUS IM SORRY WHAT"


  • totally love where it's going

  • That mom is so brave to just talk shit in front of her cheating husband

  • Ok, I have nothing against Loona, seriously. But it was kinda her fault that Striker escaped.

  • STRIKER: I failed to kill the target at the festival. STELLA: Really? What do you think tipped me off, genius?

  • The show should actually be on Netflix

  • The demon shark "elbow drop" killed me, lmfao.

  • Welp. Time to wait for a month :3

  • Will ask you about charly and alastor way she gay with vaggi its gonna be lovely if they like this 💑🦌✖️🍎❤️way not like that? 😍🙃😚😤😒😓

  • Does anyone else think Stryker works for Valentino?

    • I thought he's his own boss

  • Is it just me or when moxxie appears to help blitz with striker the way blitz talks sound like he's nervous..? Just me?ok...

  • Stella: *Screams about killing Stolas* Stolas: *This is fine* Octavia: *Groovin'* This is a hell-uv-a family

  • best episode so far i guess

  • The beauty of the “ooooh big reveal she was secretly the villain” only to pan out and its like oh. Oh yeah. Of course she did that. It... isn’t really a secret

  • When are we going to get 1, just 1 episode of Hazbin Hotel?!

  • Stoles is so cute when he went under the covers

  • To be honest.... I would have accepted Strikers invitation :O

  • .

  • I just noticed that Norman Reedus played Stricker and I'm disappointed for not noticing before

  • Bas a conse gir personas que lo traduscan en español

  • Damnit I'm late once again!

  • Please just make Stolas and Blitz an official couple already!

  • Minecraft Which 12:14

  • I love how viciously the Imps fight. There's no holding back, just going straight for the jugular.

  • 5:44 it doesn’t count if they don’t find the bodyyyyy

  • Who is the voice actor for the owl dudes wife

    • According to the wiki, Georgina Leahy.



  • Im sorry but seeing how moxxie try’s to impress her parents for their approval on him just makes me tear up-

  • Скоро ли будет продолжение „Отель Хазбин" ?????

  • Why did the part with Moxie getting elbow dropped by the shark leave me in tears?! LMFAO

  • WHAT THE FU !!!!!!!!!!!

  • so on instagram there is one pic of Moxxie and Millie dressing up as phantom of the opera characters and i was wondering if you could make little video of them dueting one of the phantoms songs, and blitz just rushes in a ruins the whole thing

  • Luna is such a team player, she managed to let the assassin escape just by... appearing.

  • I just learn through the comment section that Striker's VA is Norman Reedus from the walking dead which is amazing because he did an amazing job.

  • Wait if female imps have black hair and male imps have white hair then... What's up with Blitz is he like secretly not an imp or by imp standards he's like bald?

  • Not me simping over Striker-

  • 13:45 THE ANIMATION 🤌

  • Blitz is kind of gay and this episode

  • this is banging (on my door please help)

  • 1:36 The animation got a bit choppy XD

  • Striker is Norman Reedus? That's pretty impressive.