Building An Electric Streetfighter Motorcycle - Complete Build & Test Ride!

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 17 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
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In this video I build an original custom electric streetfighter motorcycle from scratch for less than HALF the price of an equally sized ZERO S. This aggressive looking streetfighter uses the same 24 kW (32 hp) drive train as the previous Cyber Trike project. Though equivalent to most 300cc street bikes in overall power, this little monster boasts a massive 250 ft-lb of max starting torque and only weighs 300 lbs. Top speed is 150 km/h @ 120V. Full specs and a cost benefit analysis for the build can be found below.
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ROI breakdown:
Cost of electric bike build = ~$5000 total
Nominal battery capacity = 4.3 kWh
Life span of LiFePo4 cells = ~5000 cycles
Range per charge = ~80km @ 80% DOD (up to 100 km @ 100% DOD)
Grid energy cost = $0.12/kWh
Cost per charge (100 km) = 0.12 * 4.3 = $0.52
Cost per km for energy = 0.52 / 100 = $0.005
Avg price of gasoline in Canada = ~$1.00/ liter
Energy in 1L of gasoline = 8.9 kWh
Fuel economy of the most efficient petrol bikes = ~60 miles per gallon, or 25.5 km per liter
Cost per km for fuel = 1 / 25.5 = $0.04
Electric bike energy cost savings per km = $0.04 - $0.005 = $0.035
Savings per charge/cycle (80 km) = $0.035 * 80 km = $2.80
Payback period based on full cycle charges = $5000 / $2.80 =
1785 cycles
Savings per day based on driving an avg 40 km per day as a daily commuter = $2.80 / 2 = $1.40
Payback period = $5000 / $1.40 = 3572 days, or 10 years. 5 years if driven 80 km per day.
It's clear to see that an electric bike like this is a sound investment for nearly anyone who can build and ride (provided laws in your area allow it). Based on battery cycles - which is the most important thing because it will need to be replaced eventually and it is the most expensive component by far - this bike will pay for itself entirely nearly twice in fuel cost savings before the battery needs to be replaced, provided that it's maintained and charged properly (ie don't discharge below 80% DOD, don't store, operate or charge above or below the manufacturer's recommended temp., etc).
Power: 12 kw/ 24 kWp, 32 hp gross
Motor: QS273 70H brushless hub motor
Battery: 74V/4.3 kWh LiFePo4
Range: up to 100 km's
Top speed: ~115 kph (71 mph) @ 72V, 150 kph (93 mph) @ 120V
Max torque: 350 Nm (258 ft-lb)
Controller: Kelly KLS72601
Wheelbase: 55" (140 cm)
Rake angle: 26°
Trail: 4.9" (124.5 mm)
Turning radius: 72" (183 cm)
Weight: 300 lb (136 kg)
Front suspension travel: 5" (130 mm)
Rear suspension travel: 8" (203 mm)
Front tire: 120/70-17 Shinko 705
Rear tire: 180/55-17 Metzler Karoo Street
Electrical components:
72V motor
KLS72501 controller
72V/400A contactor
LiPoFe4 cells
24S (72V) LiFePo4 BMS
72V-12V Converter
12V horn
12V turn indicators
12V/18W LED bar lights
12V LED brake light
Sicass Racing handlebar switch
Music: 'Dark Epic Hybrid Rock' by Pegasus Music Studio


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    • Thx! How much difference do you suppose 4-5 lbs less sprung weight would make? My own body weight shifts that much every week lol. Aluminum is weaker, so more material is needed to compensate. That's why most aluminum sport bike frames weigh in at 25-30 lbs. Mine is 30 lbs. Most custom street bikes still use steel not only because it's stronger and cheaper but it's more flexible which gives the rider better feedback and helps the tires keep a grip when cornering because the suspension is at a less than ideal angle to the road surface to work as efficiently as it would when a bike is perfectly vertical. Aluminum is only really needed for performance machines whose riders are hauling iron balls and trying to shave a few tenths off their lap time. They incorporate expensive suspension systems and spend a lot of time tuning them to suit the more rigid aluminum frames. Quick math shows that the benefit for me is maybe 2 km's extra range per charge lol. Not worth the $ I'd have to spend on material or an expensive TIG to work it. Another thing to consider is the hub motor. More sprung weight in the wheels isn't really a good thing either. It's a great motor, but its weight needs to be compensated for in at least two ways; 1 - a stronger suspension, ie: increased spring rate, and 2 - more sprung weight to maintain a proper sprung to unsprung weight ratio. The suspension works with the bike's sprung weight (the weight supported by the suspension only) to keep the tires snug to the ground when going over bumps. When that ratio is off, the suspension doesn't work properly and is almost impossible to tune correctly. It'll be too soft or too stiff, causing damage to the bike and/or yeeting the rider into the trees. Less weight in the frame means more weight needed elsewhere to maintain said ratio. That could be done with the battery, but then we're back to engineering even more weight within an aluminum chassis, which means even more material is needed (solid cast or thicker tubing). It's like a negative feedback loop. There will always be a compromise somewhere, exactly where will depend on the owner's riding style and needs. 3D printers are overrated too. Don't get me wrong, they have their place but are not a cure all. Stumpynubs just uploaded a video talking about this. Regarding CNC machines, but the same idea: A hobby machine would take ages to print this fairing, and ages to print replacement parts if/when needed. Well, days, but would seem like ages. I created the molds and fairing by hand in the same time it would take to print with an affordable printer, or less. If I need a replacement part, it's simply a matter of spending 10-15 minutes layering and casting in the mold, then wait ~1 hr and it's ready to sand vs 2 or 3 days waiting for a print which needs to be worked by hand afterward to get a decent finish anyway. Hobby printers can be really convenient for the avg Joe to own but save time only in the right circumstances. If you have the skills to do something, then it's usually best to do it yourself unless you're mass producing or just having a bit of fun printing a small part for a tool or your kid's toy. To mass produce with 3D printing, a production printer is needed to keep an appropriate pace. This would cost tens of thousands. Not a good choice for someone who only planned on making one of these ;) I have 4 motorcycles already, I don't need anymore lol. I've moved on to building 4 wheeled vehicles now.

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