The WEIRDEST Bike Park?

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 5 मार्च, 2020
Skypark has gotta be one of the oddest bike parks I've been to. But that doesn't mean it's not any fun. In fact, it's pretty damn awesome!
How'd Yuka get along at SkyPark? Find out!
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  • Does anyone who has gone her think that me a 12 year old who can only do some intermediate trails do this without dying or breaking my bones

  • I don't live in America I don't ride A bike I have A test tomorrow why am I herw

  • $49 bux in CA for anything is a bargain.

  • Are you okay you're breathing heavy

  • You are so lucky considering you went to skypark. I literally live on the other side of the world so yea

  • Me:When you get sued by injured people

  • For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. (Psalms 51:1-4)

  • i love your videoes

  • 1:59 nah thats Just cpt. Price

  • I should try that on my gofail.

  • I love this park!

  • My brother is watching this and im like is that VR?

  • My man gives his own batman sound effects with Oh SICK YAA WOW.

  • Wait This isn't akina mountain

  • this is somehow weirdly fueling my yearning for skiing because this winter was lockdown ;;

  • Have you ever fallen off your bike??

  • lol this guy sounds like a soundboard

  • This man has to have 4 Brocken necks Sprained both his ankle Had 2 concussions And a few siezure BECAUSE WHEN THIS MAN GETS ON A BIKE HE GOES CRAZY

  • 7:51 sorry, but this is a trap o_O

  • All I hear in this Vid is ahhhhhhhhhh, sick, and rad

  • what kind of bike do you have

  • Hey did you 2 go through new berg Oregon by any chance?

  • Skinny Park

  • @Paluten

  • This must be Chill's cycling channel

  • This looks so fun but when you actually go to try it's so scary

  • you breath loud man why

  • Wish I had the balls for this lol

  • Mordekai????

  • I saw at least 20 places I would have been killed or seriously hurt already, that is intense

  • why us and not canada?

  • Why is it weird

  • I would hit every single tree

  • I like this one the best

  • People that can ride skinnys must have a lot of fun. As a decades long mtbr, to much chance for a hospital visit for me.

  • Nope. Not finishing videos where the greedy channel owner stuffs ads in the middle. No way. And i won't ever be back. You COULD stuff them at the end, make the same coin, and NOT alienate your viewers but hey, fuck THEM, amirite bro? 🙄

  • happy activities, let's stop by at my house 😎

  • Legit went on a 22.88 miles ride earlier today on a trail and now I'm getting recommended this?

  • I would most certainly die

  • hi im a chairdriver , thanks for sharing your fun.

  • Man I did not know you could have this much fun on a bike!

  • cute gagu😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • You. Are. 😎

  • lol. pushbikes.

  • I would wipe out SO much

  • I keep hear the song from George of the Jungle every close call they make to a tree

  • Are you ever scared to go down the hill yet or no

  • I do'nt have a mountain bike but I have an old xgames bike and occasionally I'll just go to my local bike trail and ride around a bit and have fun on the jumps and skinnys and wallrides.

  • oh my goshhh bruuhhhh that's so dangerous

  • I wish I could go here. I went to a mountain biking park for a school trip once and fell in love with it and I decide to make a track through my bush but I don't have money to fix my bike or a good bike or the motivation to keep going.

  • The first time I tried mountain biking I chipped my tooth

  • POV: ur his belly button

  • 1:59 this guy looks like captain price from cod but younger

  • If you pay a lot of attention at some point the guy says "sick" once

  • This dudes like an AI video game character. Whenever there's a jump or turn he yells and repeats the same phrases

  • shesh

  • 1:58 dint know Captain Price hobby was mountain biking 🤯🤯

  • Ur chest P.O.V is sooooo satisfying

  • Looks fun!


  • Mom and dad said no bike for you, you'll get hurt... Years later and seeing this video, my life is complete :)

  • This looks INSANE!!! I can’t wait to go there! 😍🔥👌🏼

  • MRlevel is consistently giving me three ads per break now

  • This is the sole reason for the surge in mtb sales this year. The youtube algorithm has blessed you Eric

  • [my sister15]:ahh thei ol skinnies [me 10]: uhh you dont know how to ride a bike

  • Pff this is nothing compared to the way my parents got to school

  • Go

  • The cost of entry for what it is seems like bare minimum for profit needed to keep expanding on can be offered while dealing with the HORRID property taxes and cost of everything on the west coast. The moment you cross Texas western boarder things start getting more expensive due to poor management of government funds to things that are ether unneeded or beyond stupid to even think of that will fix nothing so the solution to bring that revenue back in always ends in "JUST INCREASE THE COST OF LIVING!"

  • Surprised ur chain stayed on lmao

  • 49 dollars steep???? u should check out moutain creek bike park

  • whenever a mtb video goes viral, you can't find any comments from mtbers

  • The girl in blue dress is just absolutely beautiful

  • i just bought a carrera valour mountain bike and this is the type of stuff i want to do but i don't think there are places like this in the UK. Anyone from the UK know a location?

  • Them: traveling to ride Santa's ride Me going down my driveway and falling:

  • I like biking!

  • I kinda low key wanna cycle North America the same route you did. Sounds crazy but it be cool.

  • Me driving my bike thru woods in summer when raining, Yes, i can compete, and dying

  • Good job. Where were you or in other words where are you when you were biking?

  • Any Malayali😅💥

  • Scary af

  • Getting this video recommended: episode 2

  • Me a 14 year old that he probably died a couple of times attending to go down hills and other kinds of things: pshh pretty sure I CANNOT do this, but maybe.

  • I have a mountain bike and I ride on loads of trails

  • After one year, im finally back to binge watch these videos again

  • Me someone who is a rollerskater: I could totally go down those skinnies and trails on my rollerskates :)

  • Me going down this trail: thinking, “This is the day I fucking die.”

  • It's not weird is awesome

  • I'd hit that shit up on my unicycle. Backwards

  • Real life descenders

  • This made me lose my fear of hight

  • Quick tip, try to turn the exposure down on your camera, good video, just really bright

  • Im just a guy who likes skateboarding

  • Got this as a random recommendation and sat through the whole video. Got my eyes glued on the screen start to finish. Great video dude.

    • Same until my wifi died

  • Got this as a random recommendation and sat through the whole video. Got my eyes glued on the screen start to finish. Great video dude.

  • Me who just made a ramp and skinny with dirt at home saying : I’ll try to do more skinnies now


  • What,s your bike cost

  • Im so envious rn since my bike is carbon :(

  • Was it good anyways?

  • Skinnies are the Dark Souls of biking