How to Update Pubg Mobile To 1.2.0 After Ban || How to Download Pubg Mobile 1.2.0 New Update

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  • Link1 :- (Works Perfectly ) Link 2:- (Use if Link 1 doesn't Work ) Link 3:- (Use this if 1 and 2 link doesn't Work )

    • Anna install kavatla em cheyali

    • repaly bro pc lo ela donwload

    • @Akhil Begari hi

    • @LEGENDARY GAMER YT bro 1.1.1 app contact chesuko appudu download chesuko

    • Anna update kavatam ledhu plz replay🙏🙏🙏

  • How to install iOS

  • How to install iOS

  • Tq bro

  • Hi Anna

  • Bro iOS valu Ala cheyali bro ???

  • Anna new link evu Anna Apk file nvu echinavi work kavadam ledhu

  • Bro iOS lo ela download cheyali

  • Avvatledhu bro

  • bro update chesaka files kanipiyadam laydhu bro

  • Ravatledhu server is busy ani vastundhi login avtunte

  • Sever busy is come

  • Server is busy please try again later error code restricted area ani vasthundhi bro

  • Bro Na game lo Maps download kavatle Error code 1 ani vasthundi and dress kusda occupied kavatle Chala unnay bro🙄

  • Bro naaku avaladhu

  • Bro not working

  • If we download this APK , and login with our email id , is there any problem to ban our accounts in further updates? Please Anna reply

  • for pc

  • Bro avatlidu

  • Bro i'm using samsung a50 na mbl lo game install avthundhi but resources matram assalu download avvatledhu. So edhaina solution chepthara bro..


  • Em links broo avi download chestunte 9mb avutunai open chetse open avvavu 🙏 last link cheste app ayyindi kani resources kavadam ledu 🙏

  • Bro game install iyyindi kani server not found ani vastundi please tellme bro

  • Bro present naa mobile lo game ledu

    • Ee link tho download chesa kani raledu Ela bro pls solution cheppu broo🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️

  • I love you bro sooo much

  • Bro help App is not install Ani vasthundi reason chappandi bro please 😔

  • Naku second link work ayindi bro

  • I've downloaded and installed the link, after installing the game I'm getting really high ping on Asian server (280,360) please can you help me bro

    • @bharath kumar for me also My wifi is 120 mbps I play in Asia. High ping problem bro

    • dude i don't need any likes i just need a solution for the high ping problem, is this problem only happning to me or someone else please help

  • apk pure lo download cheyocha bro

  • Tq so much for u help ♥️ i don't have any hopes on old account bro tq so much bro 🔥♥️🥳 for ur help to my old account back 😍🤗

  • Bro iOS lo ela download cheyalo bro please chepu bro

  • laptop lo e link work avyothunda bro

  • Global anna

  • Thanks bro

  • 3 links mida click chesi download chesina, Game open Katle broh Server not response Ani vastundi 🥺

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  • Bro only bots bro

  • Anna total failed plz give me another video🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • @gamee star sobhan Bro game ravtla server busy ane vastande waiting for ur solution

  • పింగ్ చాలా ఏకువ వస్తుంది అన్న

  • Bro naku app with file kavali with 1.8 gb but it only 656m only

  • How to change server new update please 🥺 help


  • Anna nenu ippudu pubg mobile download cheyali ela pls cheppu anna

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  • High ping broo

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  • Broh I phone lo Ela download cheyali chepu broh pls

  • Download chesina but no use😞. Three links use chesina kani install kavadam ledu please respond to my problem. #gamestarsobhan

    • No need of doing all this Pubg vallu direct ga game open chesinappude update icharu So verey chotu ki velli update cheskovalsina avasaram le

  • Bro open avatledu please check your network ani vastundi bro reply ivu bro msg ki

  • Bro naku pubg download avadam ledhu Dubai lo VPN adokati chepu Bro please

  • Haii Bro Big fan bro from Ap

  • Bro vioce gleche avutundee bro Game chalaa chatagaa vundee broo

  • Bro how to install in IOS MOBILE LS

  • Dark_lock77 is all over the world now because of his great work he is a genius he unban my PUBG account

  • Dark_lock77 is all over the world now because of his great work he is a genius he unban my PUBG account

  • Bro vpn on lo untene game open avuthundi vpn off chesthe game open avuthaledhu

  • Anna iOS lo Ela download cheyyalo cheppu Anna

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  • Thanks ra babai

  • Install cheysa but Jio sim tho login avadamley any suggestions?

  • Hi I lost my old account I want old account whT to do

  • Bro I pad ki update chesukowadam Ela bro ..

  • Pubg update ke ???? Link bro

  • Update chesina tarwata vpn on lo untene game play autundhi bro pls tell me solution

  • What about Kr version

  • Voice raledu

  • Anna server martledu anna room lo try chesa.. Ela cheppu anna

  • Bro it's not coming bro my phone is redmi 7a

  • Sumsung phono lo game Sever not Opening

  • How to download in iOS cheppu bro please

  • So thanks😊😊


  • Method work auvvadam ledhu bro,😢😢😢

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  • Thank you bro 🙏thank you very much your videos is very good

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  • Anna ( unknown error. please restart your and try again. Error code: 70254639 ) ani vasthundi anna

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