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    • Agreed

    • I feel like clash of clans is 4

    • Brawl stars is ok but not 1

    • 1 coc 2 hay day 3 c royale 4 boom beach 5 brawl, i never liked the game

    • brawl stars sucks

  • I still think that attacks in Boom Beach are the most fun because you get a hero early on and the attacks are more interactive and strategic. I love the use of the gunship as well.

  • Brawl stars is one of the WORST game I’ve ever played

  • Clash Royale is so fun but after a week or so I just stop playing then after a month same thing play a week or so never play again for another month

  • chief pat if he was running for president: make clash royale great again

  • I came back to Clash of clans this year, and was surprised how many changes they had done. And i am hooked to i again after years

  • I though brawl stars is number 1 😔

    • Why all of your new vid its all brawl stars but its second place why why why

  • I like how my aunts play hay day and my uncles play clash of clans lol

  • I restarted class of clans

  • Can we just get some respect for Supercell as company in general, not only making amazing games but also blowing life into mobile esports in general?

  • I did'nt know than than was 9 Supercell games. Kkkk

  • There’s a game missing from this list

  • clash royale is making a comeback

  • Oof cool man i agree with u lol but im an old subscriber i think i watched your coc walkthrough and it was so cool oh and btw there a th 14 new update lol

  • after the video is released cr announces one of thier biggest updates

  • Clash royale > clash of clans

  • Super Cell is finnish, btw 😎😎🇫🇮

  • 1. Clash Royal 2. Brawl Stars 3. Clash of Clans 4. Boom Beach 5. Hey Day My opinion...

  • I really don't like brawl stars at all and I don't really know why

  • Wow I didn't know they had some of these games wow 😂

  • Coc is best

  • lmao i remember watching you in a one hour clash royale tornament and you won Ive stopped playing clash from then tho...

  • Supercell makes the best games ever made for free

  • My first is brawl stars

  • "They want to make clash of clans great again" LOL LOL LOL- Donald Pat LOL

  • Chief brawl stars is not tied for first I’m sorry but clash of clans is a better story and has better objectives I just play clash more also I came back to this channel and I see brawl stars and ask if I’m on the right channel what have you become you were always COC for life but now what is real

  • But Clash of Clans support is truly trash , I lost my max TH 9 and I cannot get through that stupid Bot OTTO to reach an agent and their mails are also answer by bots

  • I 1000000% disagree where brawl stars was placed first brawl stars has more action and more stuff to do second clas of clan stinks and third you only have brawl stars in the description

  • You remind me of someone from Craig of the Creek lol

  • Yo what’s up guys it Patrick aka chief pat and welcome back to my th 9 let’s play ( I wish to hear that sound again one day ) ..?

  • Smash land era top

  • CR can be so good but it gets so stale. Especially with how its dictated by the meta, people who are creative at the game gets penalized rather than rewarded.

  • Exactly everything u said about brawl stars makes it the best game by supercell clash of clans has so much content people become tired of it and earning things is hard as well IMO

  • 1000th coment

  • Hearing u bragging about coc made me install coc back after 5 years. And i am kind of having fun with it 😀

  • World without Clash of Clans.... Just imagine.... 🤔

  • from the ones on playstore 5. boom beach never tried it 4. clash of clans good game but not my type 3.clash royal same as last one 2.hay day hey i just like chill games 1.brawl stars i dont need to explain

  • Among us crewmate ranking 😟😟😟

  • Who’s here 1 month later when Clash Royale is fucking destroying rn. It’s crazy the renaissance we’re seeing. I’m loving it

  • well i cant say that the ranking is terrible; actually it is pretty cool. I like all of them, some more and some less, but i prefer hay day and hay day pop a little bit more... you know, i dont love very much action games but i still play them, like brawl stars, among us ecc.

  • I totally agree

  • My tier list: 9. Spooky pop 8.hayday pop 7. Boom beach 6.HayDay 5.Rush Wars 4. Smash Land 3. Brawl stars 2. Clash Royale 1. Clash of clans This is just my opinion, no hate

    • I agree

  • Coc is the best

  • I played Hay day when it was released in the first month and I still play it today since I love the game.

  • lisen here bob i have been playing brawl sins global and i havent goten a legendary like what

  • There’s a hay day and hay day pop? What the hell is hay day pop

  • I don’t think brawl stars is just as good as clash of clans yet But it defo dominated Clash Royale

  • Boom beach and clash of clans are the best

  • just hearing chief pat saying, "clash of clans" makes me happy

  • 8:39 you know chief pat wants to go back to clash of clans just by the verbal mistake he made

  • Come back to Clash Chief Pat!!!!!!!!!!

  • Galadon had already spent 500$ like the dirty gemer he is. 😂😂😂😂

  • its on April 1 / April fools hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • chief`s back

  • Still playing clash of clans hayday and brawl stars. I m currently upgraded to th 14 on coc

  • Awesome stuff Pat, still killin it all these years later 🔥

  • Smash land😭😭😭 I loved that game

  • 5.clashroyale 4.boombeach 3.brawlstars 2hayday 1COC/CLASH OF CLANS 5.hayday 4.boombeach 3.clash royale 2brawl stars 1.coc or CLASH OF CLANS

  • Pat what happened to coc season 1?

  • Brawl stars is so dead

  • I'm sorry but boom Beach should be much higher

  • Royale and Brawl stars are very fun games, even addictive. But sadly their stats are heavily controlled and you win and lose based on that mostly. Not on your skill.


  • I think they will kill clash quest very soon

  • Brawl Stars are 2017

  • I honestly liked Rush Wars, that's a shame...

  • Imagine spending $500 in a game that never went global.

    • But yeah, they should of at least payed him back

    • @Mmhh Gabe ye I know just forgot to edit it

    • Global’


  • I unsubscribed cuz u said brawl stars is 2 u crappy guy

  • I remember in soft launch brawl stars was almost killed because of CR but it died so brawl stars tookover

  • I absolutely agree with this ranking

  • brawl stars over clash royale? bro trippin

  • Clash royale is getting ridiculous. Matchmaking is a joke, level 13 people drop to lower trophies to get easy crowns to max out their season pass faster. Level 13s put level 1 cards in 2v2 so they can play against level 8 players and lower. There's literally nothing you can do against a max level mega knight and balloon push as a level 7/8. You'll get permanently banned if you curse in your own tribe though.

  • Brawl stats is so ass how is it over Royale

  • The transition was so weird

  • Castle Clash also released around same time of COC

  • When I was younger, I used to play boom beach, and that was around 2017, while I had an Ipad (which I lost, unfortunatley). Man, those were the days.

  • Clash of clans is best

  • No brawl stars is no.1 why? I had 2 accounts for clash of clans and one day i was using both of my accts and turned off my phone to go eat lunch and when i got back 1 of my accts where hacked and i tried to tell supercell what happen and boom they temp. Banned my main acct for 31 days because they think im acct phishing🤦😤

  • i used to love COC but when the brawl stars was release i stop playing it because BS is a really great game the mechanics and lore is very entertaining

  • Clan wars 2 in CR destroyed all the clans. You had to attent or you are hurting your clan -> kick. CR had the best advertisements thou. That retro guy.

  • Smash land is the best supercell game but if I had too choose games that are alive still I would go brawl stars

  • remember the chief pat rocket anyone?? 😂

  • Brawl stars is first 2nd idk

  • Brawl stars shoud be 3. CR 2. COC 1. And I know alot obout supercell games I have COC since 6years and 3 difrent acc Then I playd Clash royal like a god and still play it too Then brawstars came and I playd it ip to 26000 trophies together with a friend untill they relesed the update with the gagdeds then the game was bad an i hated it now i play COC and Clash Royal and play good old minecraft java while homeschooling and in the evening with friends

    • Says person with BS PFP


  • 12:44 *map maker update*

  • I agree .. accept 1 It should be.. 1. )Clash of clans 1.5) brawl stars 2.) clash royale

  • And boom beach now off mainstream rip

  • My dad's go-to game is boom beach while my is brawl stars

  • I thing brawlstars i one of the worst games of suoercell. I have 20k+ tropies an 0 legendarys!

  • havent watched your videos in a while! Still awesome, even hotter.

  • Totally agree, huge fan of brawl since it when global and I don’t think it’s going down in a while, pretty good, and clash of clans 🤌🏼🤌🏼 they have been killing it, also agree w royale, REALLY GOOD RANKING!!

  • For a game that was a copycat of Backyard Monsters, Clash of Clans has gone a long way.

  • one day after this premier , supercell announces not one , not two but three more games

  • The one thing o didn’t like was when Edgar game out, the game wasn’t fun for like 2 weeks. Edgar was so annoying.

  • This video has been sponcered by supercell

  • Brawl stars lags really bad tho and makes it so unenjoyable

  • Boom beach my favourte

  • Where is clash quest?!