A Decade Of Comedy ft. Vir Das, Abhishek Upmanyu, Rohan Joshi, Anu Menon, Neeti Palta, Karthik Kumar

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 22 जानेवारी, 2021
Vir Das, Abhishek Upmanyu, Rohan Joshi, Anu Menon, Neeti Palta & Karthik Kumar join DeadAnt's founder and editor Ravina Rawal in the first episode of our comedians roundtable, DA Huddle. In which we discuss a decade of comedy in India: The Roast, comedy collectives, MeToo, lessons learnt, and what comedy in a post-pandemic world looks like.
1. How It All Started 0:00 - 18:58
2. Comedy Collectives & Group Dynamics 18:59 - 28:51
3. The AIB Roast 28:52 - 33:42
4. MeToo 33:43 - 42:28
5. Political Comedy 42:49 - 47:55
6. Emerging Formats in a Post Pandemic World 47:56 - 59:44

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  • This was such an incredibly well hosted and well put together piece. Great conversation with great artists who have so much in common and yet are so unique. Would love to watch the unedited, full version of this interview. Thank you MRlevel algorithm for recommending this, as an admirer of standup comedy looking forward to much more great content like this on this channel.

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    • Please attend open mics and support the local scene

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    • Vir Das should start a Podcast.... India's very own Jo Roegan Experience.

  • Lying down like an Apsara 🤣

  • One of the Best panel ever. 💯💯🔥

  • Haasya kavi, kanhaiya laal sethia, Manu more... It was stand up/sit down....

  • Missed Tanmay

  • We have all these legends and now we have got Kunal kamra .......... How far down we have come.

  • Vipul Goyal is the one missing here..

  • Vir is is the OG ! His comedy got so many of us actually interested in standups

  • So basically Vir Das is the father of Indian standup comedy

  • Edit the titile and add @ to make it reach more people. Please

  • Rohan 💕 #AIB OP 🔥

  • here for Karthik - Sincerely, Punjabi Simp

  • So sad there js no kanan

  • The host seemed mean to vir das in the beginning 😕

  • I think Upmanyu is one hell of a comedian (also very cute;) I was so upset when his USA tour got canceled. I wish he would post more videos. He reminds me of Colin Quinn, the way he speaks fast and does not finish his sentences sometimes.

  • Man Vir's such a sport for taking all those disses against his special 😂

    • Dude that's a fucking job of a comedian

  • Vir wearing gryffindor ❤️

  • Neeti is trying so hard. Its cringy

  • Father of Indian Stand Up Comedy: Vir Das 🙏🏼❤️

    • zada ho gaya ab!

    • Kuch bhi...

    • Not really ...

  • @kathikkumar and co - if you all are going to stand for kamra then did you actually stand up faruqui ??????

  • 48:54: Vir Das sadly pointing to nothing in particular.

  • Anu and Rohan made some reallllyy valid points! Loved this breezy interview

  • Upmanyu is the one whos real all others are fake

  • I know all the panalist are smart but I really enjoy anu and vir

  • I just love how damn honest Upamanyu is here

  • this was so fun to watch! even on a work day! for me this industry just grew with the millenials and its the same age as us, so its really fun to listen to them and relate on a personal level. Also love Vir, adore Upmanyu, I ducking purple Rohan and I idolise Neeti and Anu! Karthik was new to me Im sorry but he was refreshing to watch and get to know! So thank you for this Ravina :)

  • I feel vir doesn’t get enough appreciation for legit making Indian comedy scene a thing, he brought in focus what happens to be a comedic community rn, he also had workshops to help amateurs, he legit is responsible for giving India a comedy fraternity.

  • nobody from eic that's bad

  • This panel was EPIC❤️

  • Man this just made me really nostalgic about the AIB phase, what a time in comedy that was.

  • I loved when karthik kumar took strong stand for KAMRA nd rest of them agreed along ...loved it 💯...though the comedians should have taken even stronger stand nd still could for MUNAWAR too!!

    • I think mainly all comedians are supported to him, I know vir say one of his latest show that how comedians go jail for making one Joke 🤷 Idk about others but they all are looks like they support him.

    • Same

  • I am thankful to the YT algorithm or else i wouldn't have found out this amazing conversation with all my fav standup comics together ❤

  • Kk the odd one out

  • Is it just me or anybody else who sees Karthik as an older Upmanyu... 🤯😯 They looking freaking similar... 😯

  • Sono privilege Rohan : understand social trigger behind the Problem Also Rohan : toh jaake kuye mein girkar maro Sir mumbai ke bahar bhi duniya hai, yes they might be right/ wrong from your perspective. But all cannot have same opinions as everyone has different socioeconomic conditions. They might not understand same things similarly. You are alone well educated you are alone better opined.

  • King Vir Das👑

  • It's good to see a panel with all the people that talk about the comedy scene as whole

  • Guys i stopped watching after 50:50, did anything interesting happen after?

  • Best joke of the podcast by upmanyu at 47:41

  • None of these guys are funny. Why is it in my recommendations😂

  • This is the most fun interview with the most fun people 🔥😍

  • TO START : GUESTS ON THIS POD CAST, WERE INCREDIBLE!!!! Vir Bro!!! U mad "AS FUCK" MY LOVE TO U FOR ALL TIMES!!! Truly Thank U Vir das!!!! I found u late, by Go Goa Gone ...but searched on u n found ur impact on Comedy!!!! Immense ba!!!! U killing it!!!! Im so glad that u got a loving family that gives u this space to reach and impact us!!! But give them all love from U(Mainly) and also from ur fans!!!! Thank u for supporting and boosting ur Homies/respected ones too!!! Lola/baingan maam' ur a killer!!!! (U made us smile when v were cooked up in call center cabs jammed with- more than acceptable capacity for a peaceful drive) It seems so petty...but when u stuck in such a place for 2 hours or more in Bangalore traffic....Lola ONLY made us laugh and made us interact with each other, than complaint about THE FACT THAT we were stuck in an uncomfortable drive Joshi Bhai!!!! U content is SOOO relevant to ur(ME a part) crowd!!! kudos!!!! Ur for all times... U can ONLY grow!!!! Until u choose not to... U & UR homies r TOO GOOD...GET BACK PLZ!!! if not as AIB... something else...Collectively in a stage u guys are MENTAL!! Upmanyu Bhai aap to BOMB ho!!!! u so right out on face..... real...!!!! KaaaaarthIIIIII Bro!!!!! ( Perpetual Foreign return bro ;) )Semma comedy!!!!! All us South Indian Homies love to u!!! Ur content is mad!!! M so proud that u guys killing it on these levels and portraying India beyond being bound by borders!!!!

  • Joshi ❤❤

  • ❤️ this. All of these comedians. Rojo talking about the pirates dvds of the roast! Yeah! Vir calling out the biggies in the roast! Also, Karthik supporting Kk 👍🏽

  • Abhishek Upmanyu on point when he said "We don't care about the issue as much as we do about the laughs"

  • Why Vipul Goyal is not there in the decade of comedy

  • 53:20 I loved the Determination .

  • Very good Host. Letting others to talk with Patience is what is Host is all about.

  • Why Rohan batching about meetoo....the reason comics are fucked more for these kind of things is that comics judge everything...in India comics act as morality gods asking people to joke in certain way...basically comics in India are like 4 log or toxic people of society who disguis their mediocrity behind social cause or progressiveness...for ex comedians will joke on priests sexually abusing children or women so when comics are accussed for same thing then they are attacked more as this make comics not only molester but a hypocrite

  • Kenny sebastian needed to be here

  • 31:33. Burn to KJo.

  • so refreshing, interesting and lovely to hear about their stories! great episode, thanks deadant!!

  • AIB was on my notification even before they announced the roast 🤓

  • Say whatever, they had networks or not It takes pure talent and lots of balls to do a show like Knockout and pull it out in a country like India with mainstream Indian celebrities Fuck aib gained my Respect that day 🔥

  • Vir is right He don't put anything online much even on his channel😢 Was looking for his new videos And there it is Thank you for this one

  • I see vir's name I clicked 🤓

  • Star comedians are missing though !!! 😐

  • 42:00

  • Great one. Vir, Rohan and Upmanyu are really educated and knows what to talk about. Should have included Azeem Banatwala in this conversation. 1- He's been in the industry for a decade 2- Would have loved to listen his opinion in these topics because his pov would have been really different

  • Vir Das is one of the smartest and most decent people out there. Wish he was also funny.

    • @Purwa Khandelwal as he say he is form the 20 percentage of Indian 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • He is damn funny.. it's just.. it's not for everyone. 😂

  • Nyc articulate discussion guys. I missed varun grover!

  • VIR is the G.O.A.T

  • No one is talking about Vir wearing Gryffindor tee 😭 #potterhead

  • Vir das is amazing as usual but loved the whole panel.Upmanyu is just mad crazy and I love him for that

  • Abhishek Upmanyu is our stupid thing VIR DAS!Hope you get that reference :D

  • Such a great content 😍😍.. comedy scene has evolved so much - it seems

  • Listening to rohan and vir das is peace....

  • EVERYone commenting vir, but forgot how upmanyu SOLVED EVERY scandal with comics... Which is... Log hasnaa band Karo , wo karenge nai😂😂

  • We all are here for abhishek upmanu

    • No

  • Upmanyu ka 13:16 se start h or 25:44, 28:13, 32:58, 46:36, 47:57, 48:55. Context ki kuch zaroorat nhi h. Bas ye dekh lo. Or haan, Rohan ka beech beech m jb bhi mooh khuleha, sirf hagga niklega.

  • Left when Abhishek upmanyu left

  • Wow!! Just amazing. Thanks for making this!

  • This is edited horribly

  • Karthik Kumar = Abhishek Upmanyu + 20 years

  • Abhishek Upmanyu Rocks.. 👏🎉 chill dude

  • 31:22 The Indian George Carlin. Never afraid to speak the truth.

  • I think Varun Grover should also be in the panel❤️

  • I was lonely. I had a camera.....😂😂😂

  • When was this shot before Munawar's arrest or after?

  • Most intelligent comedian of India is Vir das❤️

  • Karthik Kumar looks like an old Sumeet Vyas.

  • If that delhi high court judgement states the definition of a stand up comic, please use it to release munawar faruqi, the person is still in jail and some how 2 bail applications has been

  • 44:48 chal be

  • 32:44 please give Vir a standing ovation. Thank you for your contribution.

  • Abhishek Upmanyu in 10 yrs might exactly look like Karthik Kumar in 2021. What say?

  • Disliking only for too many cuts.

  • Usually I don't comment but this is such a fabulous and articulative conversation. Please bring more like this❤

  • @47 tum hasna band kar do aise jjokes p to mai aise jokes marna band kar doongaa. Sounds similar to "tum raat ko bahar nikalna band kar do..."

    • But that's also a good point like why stand up comedian is "woke " about all the things when major audience is offensive and to do FIR against you.. Plus you lost may mainstream audience & shows for nothing 🤷

  • @31 When they will be put in jail for the roast. Will be biggest highlight of their life.

  • @deadant was this shot before or after Munavar's arrest? Because you guys discussed standing up with comics and no mention of him...

  • This was a great panel and it was a genuine interview. The host didn't mince words and the panelists also had some really great insights. One more thing is that all of them are great, but Vir is a cut above the rest!

  • So no one is going to say anything about Neeti Palta lipjob?

  • Best audience? Are you sure? Munawar is in jail and because now you can't even trust your own audience. What if they turnout to be fucking bajrangdal.

  • Kartik kumar looks old version of upmanyu.

  • When these people are Promising to Stand for Kamra Whenever He Will be Arrested, at The Same Time Comedian Named Munawwar Farooqui is in jail from 1st of January 2021 Shakespeare said What's in the Name but Reality is Everything is in the Name.

    • this was shot in December or sth

  • Lots of respect and best wishes to Karthik

  • Intelligent and progressive discussion by people that's why less views, While there are thousands of idiots opening channels talking shit,but have lakhs of views .. Irony but what to do

    • lol "intelligent" 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Vir sympathizing with AIB dealing with shit alone is so wholesome.

  • This is so good . Loved the podcast ❤️❤️❤️

  • hmm.. acha... thiiiiiik hai !