रोजी प्रकाशित केले 2 एप्रिल, 2021
Valuating at 1 Million Dollar and built at 15000 sq. feet, it will be also the largest gaming facility in India.
@MortaL @8bit Thug and @8bit Goldy show you around this exclusive facility with a whopping 4 floors with all the state of art facility, which includes Streaming Cabins, Living Rooms, Recreational Areas, Modern Kitchen and Content Creation Space for all our Athletes and Content Creators.
We at S8UL, thank you all for making this possible and we ensure this is JUST THE BEGINNING.
Also together, let's take the future of gaming in India to Greater Heights.
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  • Best ever

  • Scout is in finatic

  • Bhai this is my dream 😊

  • Is it 1500 sq. Ft or 15000 sq. Ft🙄

  • I wish I go to live there

  • You are hyping it

  • 5 million soon ✌️

  • Dream😭😭

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  • Its been 3 years i requested my mom for a PlayStation and she gets so angry and says that there's no use of it in your studies so its no use everytime i ask her she gets angry and reminds me how bad i am at studies compare me with others.I am in 10th going for boards in may and she says that from now on u r going to focus only on studies and business and then i said when it was my time to play game's u didn't let me she said that i let u play pubg at that time on phone and i swear i was playing at this 5 years old model and it was lagging all time and she was acting like she gave me a high privilege i feel so frustrated idk what i am supposed to do i got a 10 years old laptop by that u can understand how it works i asked for a bew one she said only if u get in engineering than i will get u a laptop for that then i said i want it to play games and entertainment then she said go out to play not at home i feel so frustrated idk what i am supposed to do plz tell am i doing something wrong by asking for those things if i want something for me that's not related to my studies or sport just for fun that i have is it wrong to do that i am totally helpless dont know how to react to my situation.If i ask my father he says idk talk to mom

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  • Abe sale khalte pubg ho or naam diya de_dust cs go ka naam diya bade harami ho beta

  • 12:30 thug sir just said dikhaungi 🤣🤣🤣

  • who said gaming is worse?

  • this is love

  • Just amazing!

  • Op bolte de jiggle yad aya kuch BTW scout kyu hai isse gaming house mai

  • I love mortal's humbleness

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  • S8UL is good but SOUL is an emotion

  • Scout ko kyu liya gaming house kharab karega. World's Toxic person.

  • Itne ka to naya aa jata 😁

  • Respected s8ul team, aapne ghar / gaiming house achha banaya hai , par almost 7cr+ spend karne k baad bhi creators ko itna choota work space provide karna muje pasans nhi aaya , i measn agr aapne sabko apna personal room provide kiya hota , and perfect hall diya hota , vo zyada achha jota , and as you said 15000 sqft bohot badi jagah hai , i hope you understand what i am wanting to say..have a good day😇

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  • This is what I call success ❤️

  • Scout joined S8UL?

  • TOMORROWLAND Logo and flag ❤️

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  • Dude PUBG mobile khelne ke liye 1M$ house? Bisi raaste pe na khelle aadmi.

  • You should add vrv acs on this house

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  • What is this?? What is meant by Boot Camp???

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  • India has a bright gaming future 😉🤘♥️

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  • Gym hall bhi karana tha


  • This guy's are gonna take india to top gaming country🇮🇳💖❤🥰#igc #s8ul

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  • Concept like BigDawsTV House

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  • For location of gaming house check google map and search s8ul gaming house *thank me later🤣🤣

  • 09:26 y Room hai "HAVEN" jiske andar rahti hai "RAVEN" 😂


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  • bro your gaming house is excellent but i think the boss official gaming house (banglore)could also give a competition against your gaming house.....

  • क्या समय आ गया है की काल्पनिक चीजों के लिए इतनी सुविधा कलयुग

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  • S8UL

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  • You tried so hard and got so far and in the End it's matter ❤ (love the house location and space between the house)

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  • Room name Heaven seems like remind of Raven..😉

  • Aadi op editing ❤️

  • I have found the STONER GAMER

  • A common gym area would had been a great addition for maintaining your fitness levels at the basics.

  • Ab kya hi bolu??

  • Ok now i want to ask a question plzz answer it- sc0ut will be soul sc0ut or 8bit sc0ut?

  • Address?

  • Cool🆒

  • Ya sab inlog ke nhi hai fake hai agr smj dre log hai wo smj jao fake hai ya

  • Fun fact: 80% of pmco are hackers. Edit: And these guys are the ones who uses all vulgar language in pubg mobile

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  • Pubg nhi aya to tumlog abhi gaming house me kya karoge Sorry but i dont know abhout pub better

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