Best $20,000 Magnet Art Wins! - Challenge | ZHC Crafts

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 जानेवारी, 2021
Best $20,000 Magnet Art Wins!
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  • Michelle has more magnets to work with cuz Jake threw all those magnets in her sculpture so it’s not bad,it’s an advantage

  • U subscribe to mikinsi

  • W o w w w Meow meow I’m a cow ;)

  • This is the real Baby yoda

  • Can I get an iPad and can you color it

  • Pils do Clay Next

  • McKenzie ALWAYS wins 😂

  • I subscribed to mckenzie bell

  • kan i hav th 100 000 magnits for ch arit

  • I love you guys ❤️❤️💞💓💗💝💘💕❣️💖💜🖤🧡💛🤍💚🤎💙❤️

  • "Born born to be zhcccccccc."

  • I'm new to zch channel

  • Keep up the good work!!!

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  • What is your name isZH

  • What is your name is

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  • Cud I have the magnets

  • Boi

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  • Lisa from bp Where y'all blinks

  • You are trying to be mr. Beast

  • 1:43 they way she shout

  • This would be so fun if I had nothing to do🥲

  • Vivs was amazing

  • Poor Vic everyone tried to ruin her art when it looked really really good. Zach show this to viv pls thank you

  • Viv is evil she killed baby yoda

  • I want jaz to win when I first watched it

  • OMG I LOVE BABY YODA but why he getting torched....:(AND I LOVE MICKEY AND MINNIE ANDDDD BLACKPINK #blackpink

  • This would have been better if the magnets had color

  • Did she sad black pink

  • Lol blackpink is my favvvv

  • Is so cool

  • Omg

  • hii im new to ZHC crafts

  • I want to see Izzy again

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  • I am big fan of lisa too

  • I feel so sorry for the people who have jumped in the pool☹☹☹☹ . And I am a big fan of ZAK😇😇😇😇


  • i love mekenzies art and jaz i love mr bacon

  • I love you zhs videos

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  • Hi

  • I loved viv s' art

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  • Why did i heard that as maggots

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  • Zhc girlfriend always lose bcs the team keep destroy her thing

  • Any army or blink??

  • Yep

  • Can i pls have a normal nintendo switch with a Sunset on it

  • Black pink bru lisa🤦‍♂️

  • Amazing how they do that it’s crazy💉🧽🚰🚰🩹

  • I think we can all agree Zach is losing his mind viv deserves to win every single challenge she made MASTER PEICES

  • You can’t accidentally buy 1 mil magnets 🧲 that is not possible unless you can sleep shop ;-; 😂

  • 1 million magnets like I’m :0

  • every time I watched you kept forgetting to sub I’m so sorry but u already have over a million subs lol but i subed because.... YOUR AWESOME KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  • No

  • Your video's are great!!! And i just bought 100 dual tip markers. To vollow your drawing skills. I make rc and stopmotion video's. (But they are all in dutch)

  • where can I find these?

  • where is izzy

  • I hat- don’t like black pink BTS ARMY tho🤌🏻✨

  • I subscribed to her ✨ Not to pick favorites but.. I liked hers the best. I always did for some reason

  • Bro what is vivs teeth

  • ere poop changes

  • How does he come up with these creative ideas 😊

  • wayy jake i love jake

  • I feel like Jake Like Jaz lol😁😂

  • So much magnets

  • Ok can we not talk about when kenzi jumped in the pool and it turned red was it her hair dye orrr......😧

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  • Yow Blackpink in your area!Hi co blinks❤️

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  • 🖤Black pink💖

  • I feel bad for Michelle she always loses

  • How much did it cost?


  • 5×20,000= 80,000 magnets?!

  • I like viv so muchhh her voice is so cute she is so beautiful and does amazing paintings

  • Debrah I hope mikenzy or vice can win

  • That is so cool🤩

  • Wow


  • I only have 1000 magnet

  • Fack

  • Did she just give baby yoda a heart transplant

  • Is Jaz a blink? I will be happy if she is cuz im a blink

  • i hate viv

  • Ok

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  • BLACKPINK!!!!!!

  • who things Zach is the best youtuber i think he is :>>>>

  • The magnets look really cool it looks like a mountain

  • I feel bad Michele never wins

  • 10000000

  • Hi

  • I’m in England but I’m a good drawer I would love to do your challenges