13 Best New Adventure & Touring Motorcycles For 2020

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 9 जानेवारी, 2020
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  • V-Strom looks like a DR BIG.

  • WTF Harley Davidson! Stick to what you know (making pigs on wheels that is), this has to be the fugliest ADV bike planet Earth will ever see. And hopefully the last. It looks like it weighs a ton and probably weighs two. The Husq Norden on the other hand... HD vs Husq, this is badge vs credentials. And Suzuki forgot what ADVENTURE means, that yellow beast looks good but the engine block is so low... no way it is a true ADV. I get it, they want to compete with BMW and Honda, given where they come from with the DR (old Djebel), they might have been better off to compete with Yamaha and their brilliant Tenere 700. This is Suzuki/Kawa/Yam territory although I would love to see Honda bringing back the Dominator. The 600/800cc category needs proper off road capable ADVs. Lighter nimbler than the heavy weight 1000cc plus.

  • I will say this about the Harley, I am biased towards the Ducati as ive owned Ducati but I do like the Harley over the Ducati in the looks department.

  • The ducati and Husqvarna are 😍😍😍

  • Guzzi v85, what a good choice I took.

  • Id like to see the Yamaha Tracer series in India

  • Pan America for me!

  • Kawasaki is best ❤❤💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Am I the only one who likes the PAN AMERICA ?

  • Norden 901 rocked the floor ... 🥰😘😇

  • Docati is best .only docati .love dicati 💪💪❤❤👍👍

  • ROKON !!!


  • Give me one of the Japanese bikes any day over the others. As the Consumer Reports owner survey showed, the top three reliable manufactures are the Japanese. With Yamaha leading the pack in reliability. Followed my Suzuki, Honda, and Kawasaki (in that order). Some of the least reliable being BMW. Just proof that more expensive and fancier doe not equals better. Harley Divisions are also known for spending a lot of time at the shop. But interestingly enough, in CR's survey, HD rated better than BMW when it comes to reliability. But was beaten by Indian motorcycles. One bike I did not see on this list was the Honda 500. It seems that most of the bike he showcased were large displacement bikes. He also forgot to mention the new Kawasaki Versys 300-X. To me how reliable a bike is considered is a huge part of my purchasing decision. Specially for an adventure bike, and to a bit lesser extend for touring bikes. I don't know about you, but if I am going to be traveling through long lonely dirt roads in the middle of no where, I want the piece of mind of knowing that I have a bike that many consider a reliable bike. But I suppose that is just me.

  • *Merci infiniment, 'MOTOBOB' Johnnie de Bangkok* mrlevel.info/two/r4SPf4GqfX6zaGw/vhi-i

  • for me it will still be a Ténéré 700, specially in his Rally color. But the Norden is also quite attractive.

  • definitely the ducati scrambler desert x.


  • Love to see the husky with square light not round retro ..

  • Ducati x desert looks bad ass that can take any terrain

  • KTM completely dominates the Adventure motorcycle market world wide and yet not one model shown here. Looks like Motobob is a motosnob and has it all wrong. The 901 Norden model was only leaked to the motorcycle world in September (not available for puchase) and Motobob has it listed as one of the top 13 best.

  • Where's the PanAmerica.. simple, Harley can't build that engine. They realized 145 hp is beyond their ability and they're now looking for help.

  • Ducati Scrambler for the win!

  • I counted four caps on the Ducati

  • I love the norden and the dessert X hopefully they go into production. I also love the Harley but I bet that it’s going to cost double of a r1250gs adventure. For me I’m seriously considering buying the V85TT, lovely machine.

  • Thumbs down for „Ducati Cagiva Elephant” . It was a Cagiva Elephant

  • At 12:16 look in this nice view ❤️❤️❤️i must by this BMW F 900 XR with this nice view. It is heart warming.


  • ktm 360

  • Vstrom looks like DR800

  • The best adv Bike was my dad, my mom rode it for decades

    • No more space left for shame, boy.

    • Shame on you

  • Suzuki v-strom is the best!

  • The Ducati Desert X looks like an Africa Twin with better genes. Love the Husky concept. Still want a Vitpilen, but if that one goes production..

  • MSRP’s would be nice.

    • Fair point. Thanks for the constructive feedback!

  • What about Royal Enfield Himalaya?

  • "Hero Xpulse"

    • @Naruto Uzumaki agaya eek loru..dusro ke comment mein gandd marane..bsrk

    • Apne naam ke tarah pehli futsat main nikal😂😂

  • The Harley, Triumph, Yamaha and Ducati look great. The rest, not so great. I hope the Yam is better for taller riders than the previous 700.. may go and try one but of all the bikes the Triumph is the one that excites me

  • why would off-road oriented bikes need all that electronics - traction control - riding modes etc. etc. etc.

    • Adventure.. touring bud.

  • Ducati s1000xr my dream adventure bike

  • How can you make a video talking about the sound of the new configuration on the triumph motor and not put in on the video?

  • need to get some old fat dudes sitting on the bikes. more realistic

  • Norden & Scrambler looks great. But, I'd take Africa Twin.

  • The fourth filler cup on Ducati X for single malt?

    • Would buy immediately.

  • Husky, Ducati, Honda 👍🏻

  • I like the Indian for looks but don't care much for any of the other bikes and wouldn't consider buying any of them new since I liked the older cruisers much better than what I see today.

  • if the price of pan america is low (dollar -euro)it will hit bmw ducatti and honda .

  • Ducati Multistrada❤️💪

  • Desert X 👍✅

  • When you do your analysis can you do standard conversion too? Kilometers kilo liters doesn’t translate. Appreciate the review of the up coming bikes. I’d love to give the Ducati scrambler a shot- but never buy a first production anything.

  • Man i love the Desert X look. Great example of old style coming live again

  • The Ducati rocks!

  • Husq Norden & Ducati Desert x awesome design are more suitable on mars terrain expedition than earth road 👨‍🚀

  • What a load of complicated shit. I'd like to see anyone do some decent mileage on any of those without a shit load of problems. All designed to be obsolete by the time you have read this.Can you imagine trying to buy parts for them in a few short years? give me a 1980's XT600E

  • Yamaha super ten should of been in this for sure!

  • Спасибо!!!

  • Every Adventure bike there except the one everyone’s buying .. Yamaha T 7 ?.

  • Triumph and Ducati

  • Too many chain driven bikes with large displacement engines.They should be shaft drive.Kudos to Moto Guzzi for incorporating shaft drive in their models.

  • I miss the Tenere 700.

  • Honda África twin Still the best..bmw trying to imitate Japanese design

    • Too heavy!

  • yamaha traccer 700 nice look in my budget

  • So who has done touring on bikes in corona time..?

  • The Nordon looks fantastic.

  • I just put a down payment on an AT. Can’t wait to get it!

  • I tried to watch but can,t due to the pathetic Medibank ads google are flooding you with.

  • The concept Husky, That's the Bomb...!!!

  • I saw your video well. Thank mrlevel.info/two/g2qOeqeqiYnGYXU/vhi-i

  • Harley Davidson design 😭😭😭

  • the Ducati and the Husqvarna for me please.

  • Foot-pounds the worst imperial unit I've ever heard.

  • You totally missed out on the best looking, best value, best performing Royal Enfield Himalayan.

    • Not sure about "best performance"...

  • The Yamaha Tenere 700 is also a nice bike


  • mrlevel.info/two/gZWtaXafpaXQqqs/vhi-i

  • Tiger 900 GT pro or rally

  • Yaaa Harley looks nice

  • Norden looks like a blast to ride around the country!

  • Where is Tenere 700????

  • Suzuki is ugly

  • 12:12 I agree , the new BMW900 looks a bit japanese, but I can't say that I don't like it.

  • Do you get sued if you show the models ? Witness protection?

  • I was waiting till the end to see the best bikes, the husqvarna and the ducati concept!

  • Husqvarna norden - super, and should be a good choice for Africa conditions

  • Moto Guzzi travel TT for its shaft drive and the win!👍

  • If it doesn’t have a “beak”,I’ll take a peek.

  • Where is royal Enfield himalayan...??🤔🤔

  • What is white bike name in thumbnail pic

  • Africa twin all day, everyday...

  • All these bikes are nice but no one comes near Himalayan

  • I thought it was ugly at first but the longer I look at it the better and better the Harley Davidson Panamerica looks.

  • L' unica moto decente è la V85TT. Che ha anche un buon contenuto tecnico. Il resto è immondizia.

  • Sorry, but this harley is so disgusting for the eye...

    • They all are! I dont know why they just dont make a stripped down Sportster dual sport!!

  • Cool to see a company like Harley trying to branch out a little good things coming for bikes the next few years everything is jumping leaps and bounds from even 10 years ago.

  • قطع هندسية رائعة تمتاز بالقوة ماشاء الله اللهم ارزقنا مثلها يا رب العالمين تحفة فنية رائعة وتمتاز بالقوة والجمال أحبها

  • Bring on the NORDEN!!!

  • Guzzi 850 travel TT👍

  • Norden for me but I like the idea of the third fuel tank. An adventure bike should have a minimum range of 550 kilometres if you are exploring Russia, Africa or Australia

  • Husky for sure. That looks like a proper adventure bike. I would buy it out right.

  • Love the Ducati and BMW, but wouldn’t buy one.

  • Outside of the scout maybe I’ve never understood the appeal of Indian. Big and ugly looking bikes. Now that Guzzi and Husqvarna......❤️❤️❤️