The Reason Why AWM is King of Game | TACAZ PUBG MOBILE

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 30 जानेवारी, 2020
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  • You forgot 1 flare gun on gorgepool container... Watch 1:30

  • there are team up fans of you why are you killing them

  • How do he know where everybody at

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  • His aiming is like auto-aim.

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  • they were jumping and you kiillad them

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  • he knew the enemy's movements, even those inside the building, he also knew the number of enemies in the building.

  • This is bullshit🐂💩 He even kills his fans! 🤬

  • Oh my god it so beautiful

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  • They want team up they ate ur fans and u killed them selfish man my last video to watch of u going to see leveno he is better than u bcs he didnt kill his fans he team up with them

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  • I wonder how much time does it takes to be a pro player like him? Billion years?🤣

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  • power of grenade.

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  • 1:32 flare gun missed

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  • 1:30 He just ignored the Flare Gun...

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  • Grenede king

  • Who noticed that at 1:32 he missed a flair next to him

  • Bro killing 2 plyers with AWM and telll that AWM king haaaa


  • 7.32 hehehe ( LoL ) 😂👍


  • You are playing like a beast. Then why dont you have eppuiped a pant

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  • 1:30 1:36

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  • Everybody is waiting for him to come to kill them!

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  • 1:30 do you noticed flare gun

  • Flair thi Jorge Paul ka kantaner par 1.31 par right side ma madi kit ka pas

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