Who Is Tucker Carlson? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 18 फेबृवारी, 2021
Who is Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, and why doesn’t he have more than one facial expression? Here’s how Tucker Carlson went from entitled aristocrat to Fox News superhero. #DailyShow #TheDailyShowography #TuckerCarlson
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  • Tribunal will set you free

  • Like and admire Tucker much more after watching this extreme leftist propoganda. Everything these people object is what we need.

  • 05:09 SUS

  • It's funny how every liberal show host who attacks tucker Carlson The ratings are down the tubes

  • I just witnessed evolution in reverse.

  • oof -- judge who claimed, "any reasonable viewer knows that even things Tucker says are facts are not actual facts" needs to be removed from the bench immediately! Apparently they know nothing about human psychology, gaslighting, and repetitive brainwashing.

  • Don't be jealous, yes, Tucker is way more handsome than you, smarter, more successful, has better argument, more eloquent, and even funnier (u used to funny) . Tucker is a hottie hated by beta males like you.

  • Tucker Carlson is the most toxic force in American politics right now and his end game is predictable: a ride down a golden escalator into politics. I fear that the America that tunes in repeatedly to his spectacle of twisted misrepresentation of truth, sleight of hand deflection and demonisation of "the other" are not sufficiently equipped with critical thinking tools to ask the question: "What is he NOT saying?" Just watched mrlevel.info/two/j2qEgKKdrpvRZY0/vhi-i this tripe - Goebbels would be proud - and noticed the comments are turned off. It is horrifying and I am scared for you, America.


  • What a lame!! Trying to make him look bad. Why not just focus on the news instead of Tucker

  • Tucker Severus albus wolfric brian Dumbledore snape potter Carlson

  • Tickets show is the highest rated and most viewed...EVER! HATERS GONNA HATE!

    • You might wanna proof read that comment buddy...

  • Anyone can se Biden´s demency, anyone who is actually awake. Now more than ever but hey don´t listen to Tucker.

  • Rachel is Palpatine right?

  • The aback dish startlingly cough because perfume nutritionally clear absent a sweet middle. lumpy, thick watchmaker

  • Tucker must be doing something right since y'all are all up in arms😁

  • Trevor's obsession with Tucker comes from jealousy

  • Pure jealousy, its all I see here 😂😂

  • I love the Tucker Carlson show. He talks about many important issues which no one else in the media picks up on. He has some interesting interviews as well. This is one source among many sources of information I use to get a well-rounded intake of new, current events, and opinion. Tucker Carlson's show is political commentary which also includes some news. His show is not advertised as a "news" show. There are all sorts of political opinion shows and then there are some pure "news" shows as well......... but sadly, many of the shows claiming to be "news" are also nothing more than opinion. This is why it is important to get your information from multiple sources, do your own research, and form your own opinions.

  • Who are you? You are a nothing as well. Not sure what miracles you performed lately to make the world better....

  • How do you call the hanging skin below the chin? Jawl? Dewlap? however is called, Tucker has a lot of it

  • Only man in America with sane mind. Exposing Corona and people behind it. Obviously people like Trevor will defame him. His the real deal guys don't fall for the tricks of these guys

  • I used to enjoy Trevor Noah, but now its just been diluted to name calling and political character assassination's. If your going to do a whole segment to roast someone, you should come up with some more substantial dirt. Its clearly a stretch and its not really funny. I would rather watch Tucker, than listen to Trevor moan about identity politics. What a sell-out.

  • I hope he runs for president i will vote for him!

  • This isn't funny. Reporting/journalism should be about facts. Spreading truthful information. Not biased opinions that may instigate violence. Do you mean to tell me that no laws are being broken here??

  • Remember when Trevor noah was funny? Neither do i

    • Yes 😔

  • get your tired huddled masses out of here? no!!! just tevor!

  • who is Trevor Noah, the south african who brings their sick view to our country. The mentality that killing your farmers is woke.

  • Looks like his always confused 🤡🤷‍♂️

  • Cnn, abc, NBC...it hurts! 😂

  • Tucker is a swamp lake frozen 🥶 boy 👦.???


  • .... Trevor Noah is on fire like a cross on a black family's lawn .....where did I hear that comment ??

  • I miss John Steward... :(

  • I almost didn’t click this video bc I hate Fox News so much.

  • I love tucker carlson

  • This is such a great story but they left out the biggest thing, where’s Hunter?

  • If Tucker likes “the average American” so much, he should work a minimum wage job and see why liberals want to implement socialist policies.

  • Tucker Carlson this guy is one of the highest forms of nonsense in this world at large. (And that's a fact)

  • Sure morons!

  • What a lame video.

  • I love how the daily show covers 0% of what makes him the most popular news personality. The daily show taking the partisanship that John Stewart was railing at and stepped it up quite a bit. Congrats daily show, destroying the US and your viewers minds.

  • The left is literally obsessed with hating the right. Repetition is the key to control

  • Tucker never mentioned this clip on his show. Trevor didn't get the free advertising he was looking for. 😂

  • Now it's time to cancel Tucker.First move.. scapegoating.

  • Boy this isn’t biased at all! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tucker is the man

  • Go back to your step father, kid. South Africa is a better place than America.

  • Jealousy doesn't become you Noah. You'll never draw an audience like him so get used to it.

  • When you can't attack the message, attack the messanger.

  • Think I'll start watching Tucker , thanks guys!

  • Why can’t handle free speech? America has some growing to do!

  • Tucker Carlson does a fantastic job ! 🇺🇸

  • Swampthing

  • Tucker thinks for 70 million Americans who can't think for themselves.

  • someone who identifies himself like cuomosexual and can not make funny posts

  • The one thing you could tell from this video, and Trevor Noah, is they hate white people. But that's okay because they're on the left. F****** pathetic.

  • When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.

  • how much money does he pay these networks to hire him.............he needs to take his bow tie to kiddie tv just like peewee herman

  • Here after John Oliver

  • Yeah, Trevor, you will never measure up.. All you have to offer is your "race card". I miss Jon Stewart hosting this show!!!

  • Lol CNN is a joke they just jealous

  • I resent the 35 year old bowtie comment tho 🤣

  • Tucker may think that he can just keep spreading lies as opinions, without any fears or cost for his actions. But, just keep watching what happens to Tucker Carlson from here on. He is going down because Fox is going down.

    • And your making this statement on a daily show video comment section. The irony here is astounding.

  • I love how angry this whole segment sounds. It's tough to be funny when you're seething lol

  • Did i just hear f**k news superhero?

  • Tucker did nothing wrong

  • Mass dislike Foxnews MRlevel channel and dislike all the comments supporting Carlson.

  • My non-biased opinion: The only negative thing is really some comments he made. Besides those few comments the other points are irrelevant.

  • I think he is the only journalist willing to hold power to account including his own side. But when common sense becomes controversial and everything from masculinity to patriotism is "problematic" then you know USA is heading the way of Rome.

  • everything in here is taken out of context

  • why does anyone listen to tucker carlsons opinions? what has he done to have an opinion worth listening to?

    • Give his audience an outlet for their racism. Allows them to say the things they’d normally keep to themselves.

  • The Daily Show got everything except mentioning how one of Tucker Carlson’s writers - people he selectively hired - was exposed on the internet to have deeply racist comments. That is the people writing for him, to read off the teleprompter to his Fox News audience. That’s a very important nuance, that he has the most racist white supremacists writing material for him to brainwash his uneducated audience.

  • What a nice well planned ad hominem attack. Love it, but beware for what you "wish" for.... :-)

  • Who is this Afro American

  • Tucker isa nobody

  • Tucker is the best

  • Tucker Carlson is funny

  • One thing is for sure... He is a much better speaker than you. And you can mock him for that but that won't help you to be better than him

  • Libtards

  • 'Journalist," and "intellectual," who talks about space aliens, the Bermuda Triangle, and Bigfoot.

  • Tucker Swanson McRib Carlson Tucker Swanson McFly Carlson Tucker Swanson McGruff Carlson Love it!

  • How funny that when you type in Tucker's name into the MRlevel search bar, video's like these appear. Edit: F*ckin' fascists.

  • The man who got destroyed by your predecessor Trevor.

  • So gross.

  • I have died from the names😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The more you lie about him the more I like him

  • Don't you love MRlevel, where whenever you search a term like idk , for instance "Tucker Carlson" you get everything but the man himself ?

  • Cancel Tucker Carlson. That's it. That's the comment.

  • why are there so many triggered conservatives crying in these comments lmaooo

  • He's a lot better than Trevor Noah. How I miss Jon Stewart...

  • Why are you so obsessed with him. This is why no one cares about this show. Just talk about things people care about and don’t talk trash about people who are beating you. Tucker is awesome and a good conservative Christian guy. Maybe you should practice what you preach and treat people you disagree with with respect.

  • Trevor wishes he had the talent of Tucker Carlson. Come at me libtards

  • I like how she is messing up his name on purpose to let us know she's a fucking racist!!

  • Thank God for Tucker! 🤣❤️👍🏿

  • Miss the days when the daily show was actually relevant.

  • Who is Trevor Noah? Is this the same Trevor that went to jail for Stealing Music and Movies Pirating or was it The Grand Theft Auto you went to prison for....or was it when you got caught in a Big Lie Steeling the Identity of Spliff Star and got paid for it...Your an Awesome human being 😬 and you might be from South Africa but as biden put it YOU AIN'T BLACK...only part black. Not an issue but you come across as speaking for the black man. Your a non-funny comedian/entertainer

  • Tucker Carlson is awesome. Love watching his show, but I did find this very funny. Especially the names and “whatever is going on there” line at the end.

  • I'll do you one better. What's Tucker Carlson?

  • YOU HAVE BIDEN , CUOMO, PELOSI, HARRIS, what a great group of winners you got !!!