Our Shopping VLOG || Sahithi || Vinni || Sekhar Studio

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 7 एप्रिल, 2021
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Our Shopping VLOG || Sahithi || Vinni || Sekhar Studio
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    • Dhayacheysi yevaru binomo lo binary options trafe cheyodhu…aa ad lo chupichinattu…..andulo asalu manaki edge ey undadu….pakka loss lokey veyltham….nobody can time the market’s…..andulo within Minutes increase or decrease cheypatam impossible……..okasari meeru correct avochu….but overall ga adi Failure system…..it’s like Gambling

    • Vinni,ur the cutiepie . 🖤💯

    • Vinni

    • Are you play free fire

    • Insta id Arun mallani🙏

  • Aslaaa...manam iytey tag chusi rate chusi apudu tiskuntam....mertane unnalo bro

  • Your sister buffalo you dong big

  • Ani dress tisukuntaru

  • Chinna ga cthinura dog

  • Master one day in dhee cheyandi master pls want to see sudheer bro and rashmi vadina how many want to see chepandi like 👇down.... 410

  • Master bill kudaa petti undochu kadha,rates ela unnayo maaku thelustai for comparison nd more over shopping cheya kunna

  • Shopping without parents its was really ossum☺

  • Akka u have full money

  • Where is the shopping mall and what is the shopping mall name

  • Master please do home tour

  • Love from china ❤️

  • Kitty from china Love this girl' but can't understand

  • Sir your daughter and son will watch kaycee and rachel in wonderland family,blackpink and bts

  • Master Naku oka lap top koni ivachu ga sir 😔😔😔😔studies kosam Na phone number 9121664589 Re vivid situation valla money problem sir koncham serious ga teskondinsir

    • Covid situation sir

  • Sahithi :- Vinni what the hell are you doing?!?! Vinni :- shopping kadha Naku thelidhu!! Haha

  • Akka show me your car

  • Sir your dance is good and vlogs are good

  • Where is this shop

  • Akka Meru Phone lo videos Ela Editing chestharu Meru a app lo videos Ela Editing chestharu Meru thumbnail youtube intro sekhar studio ani vasthundhi kadha adhi a app lo chestharu Meru Phone lo total video editing Ela chestharu oka video chesi chupettara please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please me reply kosam waiting

  • Dear Master and his family :: u r now well settled & overcome struggles..... Plz help to needy peoples ... Just spent one day in a month.... Distribute food to oldage & orphan childs ... It's give u real happiness... It's corona time hence give some money for one day food..... Plz .... Come selfish society to selfless ... Andukoo teliyadu takkuva salaries vasthunaa valle help cheyadaniki munduku vasthunaru ..... Dabbuvunna vallu matram ???? 😥

  • Shekhar master come back to dhee meru leru kada dhee chudalani ledu please come back please sir🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👋🙏🙏

  • Only u both went

  • Master come o dher

  • Where is teddy

  • Sahithi ni dresses chupinchaledhy

  • Daughter talks in more matured way.

  • Era peddoda malli kodathava 😂😂😂

  • Dhee vlog kavali sir

  • Sister your body mask Face to keep

  • Sekhar master meke cars how many

  • Se

  • sahithi akka you are so beautiful,and my name also a.sahithi ,i am proud you because sekhar master daughter name sahithi

  • Sahithi meru mathrame vellara

  • Why skehar master didn't come to dhee

  • Meerante Unnaolu Bro..😒

  • Vinni which class are you studying

  • Vinni and saithi soooooooo cute😍😍😍😍

  • Sekhar master come back to dhee

  • Sahithi very cute looking

  • Hii day

  • Hi

  • Hlo this is mr.marvalous Instagram

  • Money thadichi mopedu ayndhaaaa

  • I love shopping so much

  • Did you both want

  • Sahithi is busy in shopping🤣🤣 not talking in video😂😂

  • I am big fan

  • Hiiii

  • Em shopping mall where is there

  • Make a car vlog pls

  • hi sahiti

  • I want online shopping app's

  • Mee food following cheptara pls sahithi

  • Sahithi 😍😘

  • Master do vlog in comedy stars

  • Papa nuvvu perform chesina song ఎది

  • mee mother shopping ki raleda

  • You know bts

  • Master u are my favorite person

  • 5:27 What the Rs 4000 , Rs 5000 Oko Jeans pant 😇 2 to 3 pairs easy ga vachestayi baita🙏

    • Rich kids

  • Nuvvu peddha ayyaka hero ayithav raaa...😍

  • Hi

  • Sahithi tell your routine health & skin

  • Sahithi do you know BTS

  • o

  • Die hard fan of sahiti 😍

  • Hi

  • Emi tentunavu ra

  • me home were

  • Over action

  • More shopping videos we want

  • Hi sir

  • Don't take videos for over scne

  • Will you both only ho to shopping

  • Master I Miss you Master Com Soon in Dee

  • Please do your home tour please

  • Cute Vinny

  • Hi

  • Who skipped Binomo app

  • Browser par

  • 👌👌👌👌

  • Sister what is the mall name and the location

  • Who skipped the binomo trading app part?

  • 👍👌👌👍

  • Hi

  • Home tour cheyandhi

  • Sahiti which class r u studying

  • I love vini voice

  • Both Sister and brother so sweet of you

  • those rates tho-

  • Vinnu is cute😘❤️

  • Kyathi 6months baby life kosam Fight chesthundi. Kapadandi meru kuda Vallaki help cheyandi . 16cross avasaram. Please save her baby girl. Please.

  • Is that mall is city centre mall

  • Vini is so tummy try to avoid junk foods

  • Who skipped binomo 😉😉😉

  • Where it is

  • I love you potti

  • Cloud dining video do please

  • Vinni koda manchi actor rey