USA Protests | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 7 जून, 2020
USA is facing protests all across the country after the incident of George Floyd. In this video, i explain the institutional racism and the case of black lives matter vs all lives matter. I try my best to present arguments from both sides and then give my opinion on the issue. I also explain what is the condition of racism in USA as compared to India and how it can be compared to Casteism against lower castes and other minorities in India.
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0:00 What Happened?
2:20 Is USA Police Racially Biased?
5:00 Institutional Racism
8:40 Racism in India
12:18 Black Lives vs All Lives
13:59 Negative Side of Protest

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  • 0:26 What Happened? 2:20 Is USA Police Racially Biased? 5:00 Institutional Racism 8:40 Racism in India 12:18 Black Lives vs All Lives 13:59 Negative Side of Protest

    • Why you such a hypocrite and you only state one sided stories. Did you make this channel for certain people? Then you should have made a group or a private cult 😑🤧

    • Nothing can change in India. I have faced all this shit for my entire life

    • @Janhvi singh bro it's deja_vu'

    • Capture Wall Street Moves in New York



  • 🇺🇲 : Racism 🇮🇳 : Casteism

  • 13:27 so why is the word mankind used to refer to humankind many a times? What about postMAN? mailMAN? milkMAN?

  • M aapko serious leta tha phir maine satish ray dhruv taara dekhna shru kiya ab mujhe tumhare hands ki movement p bhi hasi 😂🤣🤣😂aati h

  • Bhaya sb jnte ha

  • your wikipedia page is misreporting about this video, not that it matters..

  • Tujhe india me sab kuch galat lagta hai kya...

    • Paise ka Chakkar Babu Bhaiya Paise ka chakkar

    • Tujhe sachhai kadwa lagta h kya ?

  • Are dhruv rathee.... Apne views ke chakkar mei zeher ugalne lage hooo

  • Really disappointed by your comments on feminism and BLM and trying to trivialise it just by the name it goes by. Thought you were better than this.

  • Only video wher I couldn't agree with u bruh

  • This video made it to his wikipedia

  • Reciam(America)= Discrimination (India)

  • Hindu lives matter also

  • Do anyone know that a gujarati old man was treated bad by police for just a morning walk they threw him on ground and he got severe fractures

  • Blacks are like dalits of India

  • Dhruv you have a huge fan following.. This fame comes along with responsiblity hand in hand, so act more responsible when you say about something like feminism, word doesn't include female.. Human me bas man h, yesa kehesaktheho kya.. Really? Kuch bhi..

  • Badi bevakuf hai us police

  • It's time to buy Fair&lovely😂😂

  • Nobody recognize racial discrimination against NE people

  • Black lives matter is not about "EQUALITY" Its about "EQUITY"

  • dalit jaisa haal hain blacks ka

  • Dear druv rathee once the legend angry prash said colour dosent matter it's the talent in you which matters so in india don't care about colour ur talent is the main thing 😉 if u don't have any talent ur nothg 😘 people see you in place of God if u have talent and money 🤑 so bro u do a correct research and speak 😁 And first off u don't live in india so come to India and do a correct research and then make a sensible video 😉😉🙄🙄 No offence peace 🕊️👍👍 🕊️🕊️🕊️ I'm telling u this because I'm not a journalist but I know lot more than u about india and I'm an indian No offence peace bruddha 😂😂😂😉😉😉😉👍👍👍👍

  • These kinds of movements take place to protect or to demand rights for one party which is oppressed (women in case of Feminism, and black people in case of Black lives matter). These movements demand rights for the oppressed, not for the ones who already have those rights.

  • 13:29 If the whole human race can be collectively called as mankind Then offcourse gender equality can be feminism Men should not be ashamed to use it

    • The word MAN is used to mean human beings in general and NOT the gender. People like you don't even think before saying any dumb thing

  • They said black lives matter because they were oppressed and they too wanted to live For example :-if someone house is on fire then fire fighter will extinguish the fire of same house not others houses because they are not on fire. Yes all house matters but the fireman would not be called by the house owner, which is not on fire right. We should not feel disappointed because fire fighters are not focusing on our house. Yes everyone has problem some another house may be facing some other problem then fire fighters can't solve their problem right they need survival team of that field.... Because every house matters..... I fully support this guy, he actually have very logical explanation of every problem with datas but also suggest solutions to which almost every logical person will agree

  • All lives matter

  • After a MRlevelr like you belittling this movement name...,, many fake indian anti feminists will come and try belittling the movement..u clearly has supremacy thoughts deep inside u..u are clearly u are clearly not on the side of women..u are clearly living in that man box so u are blind to the good things like feminism whose important to women and all...kindly brother..pls don’t make such nasty judgemental comments when a movement is ...inherently a movement ...a protest is named so only because we feminists are essentially fighting for women...💪🏻 and yes Black Lives Matter is yet another’s a movement for black people..not to satisfy ego of whites ..and essentially we both don’t deny anything that is on the other side..but these movements objectives are clear in their definitions

  • Also we kerala people are far more progressive and our youtubers are far more understanding of women..they fully understand feminism .. I know now..from this man who is belittling the essence of those movements., his economic progress and he is talking blaming on Government..but it has more to do with men like him who is denying this movement’s name and carefully putting it’s name down(how hypocrisy is it when he is talking of economy of India and putting a movement down which is helping women to come forward and contribute to country’s economy)..we are on fight only, essentially!!!..many have been putting us down just for their the protest name is feminism and is justified

  • Please make a Video on China, like how china expanded it's Boundary and how Tibet and Hong Kong became the part of China. How hongkong is controlled by China. Other then this how china is extending it's boundaries now also. Please make a video on it. Me and my friends along with my whole networks wanna see this video from your side. We are waiting for this video to be get uploaded by You. Thank you Dhruv Sir !!!!

  • Please make a Video on China, like how china expanded it's Boundary and how Tibet and Hong Kong became the part of China. How hongkong is controlled by China. Other then this how china is extending it's boundaries now also. Please make a video on it. Me and my friends along with my whole networks wanna see this video from your side. We are waiting for this video to be get uploaded by You. Thank you Dhruv Sir !!!!

  • Very bad ..U don’t even understand that Black Lives Matter is a advice for black people rights..also feminism is movement name..we have mallu analyst MRlevel channel in kerala..he beautifully explained why feminism is feminism..because they are inherently suppressed and that’s why that movement and that name..advocacy for women’s rights on the basis of equality of sexes..that is feminism..U can’t belittle a movement just like that

  • I only liked this vid cuz I agree with Rathee that feminism is hijacked by leftists and blm was orchestrated by leftists

  • Racist in state in india not colour

  • Kerala racist

  • It is because of feminism and women fighting for their rights that we have this awareness now. Otherwise, we would still be in a position where women can’t vote. It’s not even the only issue. There are tons of issues such as unequal pay among men and women for doing the same work. If you don’t support women and push them to demand these rights, you don’t have a balanced society. It literally is a movement to bring women equal to men. I’m sure there are women who want to be above men but you can’t use those as an example to represent all feminists.

    • Feminism is shit

    • True that..

  • India dark lives mater .ham log khud ek dosre par nasal bedbaav karte hai .

  • Aur palghar sadhu ko mara gaya vo, Sirf black life matter Kar rahe the hamare kuch log , aur yaha Kudh ke desh mai sadhu ko mara jata hai uspai koyi bole to bhakt

  • All rights reserved 😁

  • BLM Bitches Love Money

  • Racist

  • इंडिया में श्रम को प्रतिष्ठा ( status) नही है... मजदूरों को पहले जन्म का पाप समझते है...

  • आपके जैसे युवा होने चाहिए, जो नेशनल responsibility समझे....

  • अगर कोई पोलीस को मार् देते तो??

  • bro i wanna ask you why do some people criticise you

  • Who is here after won of joe biden

  • Bro seriously🙄 l didn't expect it from you .If feminism word has resemblance with female it doesn't mean it talks about FEMALE SUPREMACY .l don't how many times you men need to told off that FEMINISM IS ABOUT EQUALITY for raja beta and rani betiyaa not for raja beta and daasi betiyaa .For ex cooking is a life skill it doesn't need only learn by women but men gotta learn it . Moreover have you ever thought about these words that came before word FEMINISM first is very famous HISTORY according to you it is about men right ? because it starts from HIS should only read by MEN moreover MANKIND defines humanity for men only and what about HEROINES why never oppose these words that has resemblance with male and in the last the word MENSTRUATION it starts from Men we have never oppose it inspite of tolerating harsh pain of MENSTRUATION why the word it starts from the word men when they are far far away from the affliction we get from it ? .WHY THERE IS NO SEPARATE WORD FOR us why it is WOMEN ? The answer is that we women have never understand these words salient because our fight is for EQUAL RIGHTS not for these things .. FEMINISM is not about misandry we want men to support us in our upliftment and fathom us more than child producing machines . ..... that's it ...

  • Your analysis of Black Lives Matter movement is very shallow. Also bracketing Feminism and BLM together and saying that both of these favour a certain group only is very ignorant argument. Also you condemning the violence and riots but not looking at the accumulated frustration and disappointment of the people who in the most cases were quite peaceful is also an argument out of ignorance.

  • George Flyod said "I cant breath" before he was on the ground. He said that I have covid. He said that let me lie on the ground. Sitting in police car will be suffocating. All these details are hidden by the media to cause a outrage. They make it appear that George said "I cant breathe because the policeman had a knee on his neck. This is misleading.

  • I don't see caste , religion , color 🙃🙃🙃 Since iam born

  • Teri

  • If you were a fireman and a particular house was on fire, you'd probably use your water hoses on all the houses in that locality. (?)

    • @Mohana Mishra Indeed ☺️

  • Lol. His girlfriend is white

  • Black lives matter! And it is said that way because for far too long, especially for the law enforcement, black lives didn't matter, their existence didn't matter, their families and their kids didn't matter, their rights didn't matter! So to be clear and straight without twisting anything, BLACK LIVES MATTER!! Its odd that you'd compare that to feminism. Feminism is about gender equality, it's not only about women but men too. True feminists understand that! I'm a little disappointed that you'd take BLM out of context, but since you're usually on point in various issues I'll give you a pass on this one. Ha. Cheers man!

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • We need a detailed video about the existing racism in India among people from different geographical location/religion/caste etc. I think such content will that will help broaden people's mindsets.

  • The name represents a lot of what a movement stands for. The people who think that 'black lives matter' is racist. Tell me, what is 'all lives matter' standing for? It won't focus on the problem at hand. Take the example of the blackandwhitechallenge. It was started to highlight the femicide in turkey, but because the movement didn't had a name that revolved around the cause, the meaning behind the movement got lost, even though many women posted monochrome pictures of themselves, only a few knew or talked about the motive behind the movement.

  • Donald Trump is Racist. ☮️Vote Joe Biden 2020!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Post this comment on 20 other videos

  • Please do ur research before making a video idiot

  • I don't support violence either but who am I or you to tell the oppressed how to protest?

  • Why the hell the name of the movement that is about fighting against discrimination against black lives needs to cater to everyone? Black lives matter. Period. Same argument with feminism. You are just another privileged savarna boy..

  • Exactly just one for stupid’s like many of us who have inherited property and speak about reservation of lower classes.

  • you made it basic, nice!

  • Nelson mandela fought his whole life against Racial discrimination

  • India: Black lives matter Par Aapne beti ko gora bana hai

  • Very nice video for India prospective

  • 12k dislikers are Baised right wingers and irrational pseudo liberals and pseudo Feminists 😂😂.

    • @Rajeev Vij Nope...its not do one thing.. Don't keep it long..Just give a brief summary.. make it short

    • @Rajeev Vij Its MRlevel .you must have violated guidelines..

    • @Rajeev Vij what !! You got no counter ?? I can experimentally dissect each and every statement of yours with logical evidence.

    • @Rajeev Vij Bring it on.

  • Black lives matters

  • It’s Systemic not Systematic.

  • Come and live here in USA then you will know. Immigrants come to USA with nothing but make it 5/10/20 years, without carryover inheritance. Look at Indian workforce, they make it. Mostly, It’s human behavior not color of skin.

  • Jai bhim

  • This video has not any relation with the caste system in india.

  • Rajan Singh to kah rahe the ki police bht familiar hai

  • Same as the case of Muslims in India😓😓😓

  • People saying in comments that the names should be more inclusive don't seem to understand that these movements were started because the society was not inclusive of certain people. We know that all lives matter but still black people face more oppression and hatred similar to female gender who face inequality among other issues, hence the names. It is to bring the people facing such issues at par with those who already are privileged, not to bring someone down. If we have names that don't focus on issues, "Rich will become richer and poor will become poorer" if you know what I mean.

    • Clearly..👍🏻👍🏻


    • Bitches Love Money

  • Arre 10:33 mein biases ki baat nahi ho rahi, english nahi samajh aati hai? Uska baap sidha sidha bol raha hai ki usne khudh un logon ke welfare k liye kaam kiya par woh log chaahte hi nahi unka "getto" chodhna, welfare par jina pasand hai unko. Apne reservation jaise facilities hai unke paas par faaida nahi karte, bc apne origin ka Ajit Pai unki gov mein FCC ka chairman ban gaya, batao fir itna racism hai toh kese bana woh, aur Kamala Harries? Kyu black people nahi dikhte unke politics mein par Indian, Asian bhi dikhte hai. Aur tumhe kisne bataya ki woh language aur biases k baare mein bol rahi hai. Link dedo us video ka khudh dekh lenge. My God, pehli video dekhi tumhari yeh, yeh memers log barabar kehte tumhare baare phir.

  • U will understand now why leftist ideology is a cancer 😆😆

    • Sacchi mein yaar. This is his first video I ever watched, this was in my recommendations, he blatantly lies about the girls' video.

  • If a colony has 10 houses and the 10th house is on fire, you will not go and throw water on all the 10 houses because no house should be burnt. You'll water the house that is burning! It's the same thing with Black Lives Matter. Yes, all lives matter but which section of society is being killed and jailed for petty reasons ? Which section is being racially profiled everyday? That is why, All Lives Matter is a protest to Black Lives Matter because it takes away the essence of the fight for justice. Dhruv Rathee will not see this comment but to the one reading this. I hope you understood what I meant.

  • His logic is just wow 😑 slow claps

  • I see some people toke black matter

  • Master of current affairs

  • It is a part of election and a full plan to disturb the america system...of government....

  • Everyone matter ,everything matter , everywhere matter ,. If humanity is there.

  • I find my dark skinned(please I am not trying to do racism, just telling his colour) very handsome & I find south indians more innovative and educated than north indians.

  • Teachers discriminate on the basis of rich and poor,Male and female,color,topper and backbenchers

    • @Unmesha Meher yes yeh log abhi bhi krte h

    • Yeah they do

    • Kaunse school mein wah purani baat hai 😡😡

  • Please make videos on more topics related to Jammu and Kashmir.... bcoz I want to get knowledge all about being done in Kashmir....good as well as bad....

  • Bhai naa ho paayega tmse..aao kbhi India

  • Iska root hai hamare history...Jo hum bachpanse parte hai...mujhe lagta hai hamare history books Mai change karna chahiye

  • ❤️


  • Hihi...waha k log sabh black ppl ko support kare lekin Yaha...har den dalitho logoko mara jatha h koyi b support Nahi kartha...

  • I relate to that girl confronting with her parents so much!! i have had similar agruements with my parents, basically indianised version of that video happens in my house every other day.

  • Every time i am focusing on video ads come🤣🤣🤣

  • If you are not aware that in ancient history INDIANS are treated as slaves in West Indies...

  • Indians Girl should be fair And give me boy child Also boy should earn 1 lakh per month Also we support lgbt but don't want to see our children homosexual

    • Personally I love Tanned and even Black girls more than Other Lizardy Women.

    • @Anita a this is choice of all Indian men We want fair girl it's choice

    • What's wrong with wanting a fair girl?!! It's their choice not racism

  • Pehala to Hai druv Vai us me white logo ko brown Kam aur sabse jaa black log kayse ura ura ke marte Hai,, aur ea marneka kar ab e a mat bilna ke e a logo ko purbaj ko a66a opr tuneti nahi Mila isliye wo log bahaut mar marte ha😁 bauhat pehele Uncle aur Papa vi amreca giye Tha tab ussmaye African log white logo ka gari torfor kata Tha party me Jaya huya Matlab rich logo ka,, ap Thora MRlevel pela peli ka video deklena black aur white ka 😁

  • bro we use that for fun

  • The slogan "black lives matter" is all well and good, but if the leaders of this protest(riots) are essentially intersectional Marxists whose main goal is the destruction of capitalist and freedom policies, then that's a different game all together. Just go on the BLM official website and see for yourselves

  • Bhai yaha to kaale bhagwaan ko serials me gora dikha dete hai.