Why is Russia So DAMN BIG?

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 24 मार्च, 2021
The story of moving east and just...not stopping
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  • Hey friends if you want to see a very historically precise version of the evolution of Russian borders (mine here are very simplified approximations) go check out this amazing video by the wildly talented EmperorTigerstar (of whom I am a patron!) mrlevel.info/two/rnZ-oWV3emyYnqc/vhi-i

    • Pls make a video of india similarly... which is a subcontinent because of its diversity

    • Russia has much more freedom than us or uk, really, and you will not be imprisoned if you wouldnt break the Law (like in all of the countries, huh?) And - you know - president Putin said that the most beautiful region of the World is KAMCHATKA. So you are welcome!

    • Johnny Harris you forgot to mention that Russia when before it the U.S.S.R.was so huge it actually about 22,402,000 square kilometers making it more than double the size of the second largest country after it(Canada)and even larger than the whole continent of South America too....it was really really huge at that time

    • There is a part of India in the north eastern region and we are minorities. We look nothing like the mainland Indians, we have asian features. There is not much records from we come from. Maybe the topic will be an interesting content. Idk. No one knows about us so I guess it’ll be cool to let the world know the diversity of India as well

    • Fantastic channel, I posed your McDonald's ice cream maker scandal video on their Twitter sites 😆

  • i wonder how many times he said Russia durinh the whole video

  • bullshit. the biggest cuntry in all world was UK. Mongols were not in west europe, you americans are writing new history? cause we know that your schools sucks :)

  • As a russian i find this video awesome. Thank you

  • Russia and America should give land to the freakin zionists.

  • 1. Is there any thing common across Russia? 2. Compared to the rest of the world you hear very little about Russia (other than army related stuff). Are thing kept secret on purpose?

  • I find Russia Country so intriguing, theres just so much fascination about the motherland. People don't really know anything about the country, and I would love to know more too! great video.

  • You didn’t quite mention, that Kievan Rus was not only Russia. Both Ukraine and Belarus claim their ancestors from there too.

  • Hey I’m from Chechnya and not all the Russians know it’s a party of Russia

  • 5:06 It is Persian Empire, has nothing to do with Russia. Sorry man, have to dislike :(

  • Unfortunately this dude did not put a right map of Russia. Fkng Crimea is not Russia

  • "Furry Animals" Do you mean Foxes

  • Thanks for video, Johnny. You forgot to mention USSR sizes. I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • Mongols ruled Russians and now Russians rule over Buryats ;_;

  • Fun fact: Norway and North Korea are separated by 1 Country

  • Cuz if it is not big where would the store all that vodka?

  • Ребята, давайте на кидаем лайков чтобы американцы подумали что здесь что то крутое

  • Very cool video, but I would like to touch upon the problem in my country. At the same time as this diversity of cultures, there is one terrible contradiction. In Moscow, visitors from the republics are not accepted as citizens of the country. Many very many people in the capital do not know that Tuvans, Buryats, Kalmyks, Yakuts, etc. part of the country. I'm serious. People do not know how big their country is, what nationalities it consists of, there are a lot of nationalities in fact, you can't even imagine. In Moscow, if you are not a Slav, they don’t rent an apartment for you, they call it “churka”, this is a very offensive word ethnofolism. People who will tell me that I am exaggerating have never been in my place and most likely Slavs and do not see the picture as it is. Oh, like that.

  • Russia 'returned the favor' to the Mongolians by destroying Genghis Khan's original horsehair banner in the 1940s. Because the Mongolians said they would rise up with the force of the original empire when they got it back. Then the Soviet Union made the entire area around Genghis Khan's birthplace into a weapons testing range in the 20th century. Originally intended for nuclear devices they decided not to go that far there. True Game of Thrones shit like Johnny said.

  • Btw the map of the golden horde at 4:25 isn’t actually an accurate map, it’s an alternate history map of a larger golden horde :)

  • Russia is enormously big but 99% of it’s land - inaccessible , wild taiga and tundra. The rest 1% inhabited by russians is accessible by foot therefore called педо-Рассія!

    • Шо ❌⭕❌ЛЫ, опять в комментариях скулите? 🤡

  • Спасибо за ваше удивительное видео о нашей стране. Кстати, есть ещё одно мнение, которое не отражено в вашем материале - русские шли на восток, чтобы быть подальше от деспотичной власти, ну и потому, что мы очень упрямы и пытливы - что там за горизонтом? Мы просто обязаны это узнать) По поводу расширения империи, действительно, русские всегда предлагали мирное присоединение, но никогда не устраивали вытеснения или уничтожения коренных племён. Те же чукчи (народ крайнего Севера) не пошли на присоединение к империи, с ними некоторое время воевали, а потом перешли к взаимовыгодной торговле. В моей жизни встречались люди, коренные народы Севера и Кавказа и у нас были прекрасные отношения. Русские, за редким исключением, не воспринимают другие народы страны, как "младших братьев", они часть нашей Родины.

  • That image of the Golden Horde is from an alternative history videogame.. EU4. The golden horde never extended as far as germany..

  • I found this video accidentally. You made great work! Congratulations, it is great. Welcome to Russia.

  • Just for note. At the start of Russia (at least if we talk about IX century) , there was not only Kievian Rus, it was strong Novgorod land (wich firstly was bigger than all other slavic lands of that time, and had satellite territories on Ural and in Sibetia who pay with fur for protection (same as US have a money from satellites now) )

  • 2:32 Crimea is a part of Ukraine

  • I have heard that 'rus' was an ancient word for Viking... I wish western schools would teach more about russian history, that way there would probably be fever misunderstandings between westerners and Russians..


  • I like when he adds the LOLs

  • Я здесь после подкаста Сергея Мезенцева со Стасом Круглицким

  • Communism in the soviet union

  • I put a dislike for 2 reasons: 1. maps are completely incorrect, especially in the beginning of the video 2. Crimea is not Russia

    • @Антон Еремин для начала сверхдержавненько зп поднимите, ато в вашей великой и священной минимальная зп ниже чем в нищей и слабой Украине, а потом уже пытайся что-то умной сказать

    • @rroggerr blet потому что если бы у России кто-то попытался забрать ту территорию, которую мы считаем своей - мы бы воевали, а не строчили комментарии на ютубе.

    • @Антон Еремин почему - поэтому? Я просто не собираюсь с тобой сраться, и все. Не я же до тебя начал докапываться

    • @rroggerr blet вот поэтому Крым - не Украина.

    • @Антон Еремин неплохая попытка, но я на это не поведусь, со своими отцами на кухне разводи политические срачи

  • 13:55 Tannu What?

  • Baikal Lake, Kamchatka Hot springs

  • Wow. Never wanted to visit Russia until I saw this. I blame American News and Call of Duty. Russia isn't scary. It's so diverse, you gotta go there!

  • Before this i was thinking russia is a country.. Now i can say russia and India are only countries others are only groups of people living in same culture and speaking same language. 🙂

  • да… они расширялись просто ради меха….

  • I love how the Mongols get all the attention, but from even the time of the Scythian horse-lords, cultures from the steppes had been raiding into Europe and Asia for millennia.

  • How about the parts of Russia that are separate countries in the "Risk" game?

  • Love from North Korea

  • You marked Crimea as Russian. Sad! Also, listing Kievan Rus as the pre-cursor of Rus is pretty good, it belongs to Ukraine.

    • Опять зрада, никому не нужна ваша псевдо-история! 🤡

  • When you hear Dagestan this first image in your head is Khabib Nurmagomedov

  • Hello from Russia!!! And thanks for the video!!! It's really nice!!!

  • My grandmother from dad side was Russian, so I watched the video with an extra special interest. Couldn't imagine that this country have countries inside it and haves so many cultures! Thanks for this insight, from the end of the world

  • It has a lot of land

  • Crimea is Ukraine

    • Кулемет в руки и бегом в Крым, шумер! 🤡

  • Kievan Rus' was NOT RUSSIAN territory, BUT UKRAINIAN. And Slavic people living there were not Russians as well. Also, It's very offensive to see that you put the Republic of Crimea like it's Russian territory which is occupied by them, and no civilized country didn't recognize it. That's very important because of the war that goes on in the East of Ukraine, so the Moskow empire doesn't want to stop.

    • @Olha Rymarchuk средняя з/п в России 600$, на Украине 200$, за себя беспокойся. А если вы реально воюете с Россией - почему же не воюете за Крым? Не надоело врать?

    • ​@Антон Еремин життя в твїй прекрасій Росії від цього кращим не стане. А у відео хибна інформація і автор має знати про це

    • Опять зрада, ваша псевдо-история даже вашим хозяевам американским не интересна 🤡

  • Wait, you live in Europe? 1:13 you said “here in Europe.”

  • Vodka

  • its pretty obvious, its the same reason as canada. try going to live up there, nobody wants it. there a reason the USA isnt the entirety of North america (excluding mexico ofc). its because when fighting a war vs the brits, it was extremely cold most of the time. so instead of fighting up north, they drew a line and said fuck it, have that land. we have our country down here. And even the brits later said, sure here you go canadians, have your own damn country.

  • Russia was the quite kid and a bully victim in american school. He doesnt only beat the bully but kills the entire school

  • That’s a shame. Harris used a map where Crimea (Black Sea coast) is a part of Russia which is not true. It’s a part of Ukraine. Crimea was occupied by Putin’s troops. That annexation continued with occupation Eastern Ukraine. That started the war. That what Russian “Empire” does to keep being so big - killing people, distort truth with propaganda etc. I have relatives in Russia and I feel really sorry that things are going like that.

  • Kemerovo

  • I am pretty sure thats its totally safe for you to visit Russia. But also i was pretty sure thats Putin would not poison his political opponents soo...

    • Петров с Бошировым лично Навальному трусы новичком обмазали, Петров его отвлекал, а Боширов сзади подошел и... Отновичковал Лёху 🤡

  • The USSR was bigger than Russia

  • interested about Shaklin Island. Chekovs diaries about it are a must read

    • Sakhalin

  • If only alaska was still Russian

  • Ahh yes countries come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes poland takes a break

  • Russia is good

  • Interesting video, I never knew Russia have republics... country within a country

  • How did the US get so big? Do a video on that.

  • mrlevel.info/two/mI1_lGiYg3K4qHU/vhi-i

  • 1:16 looks like VSS crushed under tank

  • Thank you tell how Russia got so damn big!

  • How does the government manage such a large and diverse place? How much do the various peoples identify as Russian?

  • Yea you are definitely on some Russian list. Dont go there.

  • I like how when america isnt involved there is way less haters

  • Damn good video, would make the motherland proud.

  • haha. No 1 republic or region is independent. Last 20-15 years the autonomy is only on paper and the crutial issue are taxes. Even VAT is very asymmetric, but with oil taxes it's even worse. The most of oil taxes are paid in Moscow, because oil compenies are registrated there

  • WTF is up with that map of the Golden Horde at 4:24 that where they apparently control Germany?

  • 03:33 - it is not a russia. It is UKRAINE! You should check wiki at least... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukraine#Etymology_and_orthography

  • 0:25 Hi there! "Готель Полісся" it is not a russian hotel. This hotel is located in Chornobyl. So it is located in UKRAINE. Ukraine is not russia. We have a war with them. Could you please corrected it.

  • crimea is ukraine!

    • Хрю-хрю! Крiм це Украiна! 🐖🇺🇦

  • Да, ты его нашёл

  • Why dont they grow even bigger? Could've been better if they swallow the entire America continent 👄

  • What about the part of Russia that's no longer a part of Russia?

  • This is difference between us and Russia

  • I don’t know how I I found this channel, but I’m stuck watching videos the whole day, so interesting! Greetings from huge Russia!

  • Hey, thanks for the video. Cheers and greetings, go visit, we are waiting so far and we be glad to make a tour )))

  • Sponsored by KGB?!

    • 😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣

  • I've always been curious about the Jewish autonomous oblast in the far, far east of the country. Just seems like such an out of place area.

  • Ww3

  • 12:43 Woodie Harrelson?? No? Just me?

  • Nice opening... I really like how you make this video

  • Because it has a large land area.

  • I am interested in Tartarstan, there is a channel called the Ulgenofs which is interesting, but untranslated, and I want to know more

  • The way how afganistan was the Russian vietnam Chechnya was the Russian iraq

  • this is fascinating.

  • Crimea is Ukraine, do your research better

    • Может еще и Марс украинский? 😂

  • Crimea is Ukraine. Kyivan Rus is Ukraine. Such obvious mistakes show your superficial research and lack of understanding of the topic. Makes me question the quality and credibility of your other videos. Come on, Russia relatively recently annexed Crimea and you should have heard about it.

  • Crimea is UKRAINE, not Russia!

  • Steroids??

  • Кто тут от Мезенцева? 😁

  • you can talk about sakhalin next time and the different tribes like the Ainu many of which also lives in hokaido

  • Way too many mistakes in the video. For example: 5:41 when he talks about the early 16th century but shows some weird map of Russia that controls Crimea but doesn't control Ukraine, which was never the case. If it supposed to illustrate Russia after 1783 then part of Ukraine and Poland must be marked as Russian. 3:51 he shows the Mongols invasion of Rus but saying that they invaded Russia, but obviously Rus != Russia. 4:23 WTF is this? 4:30 Particularly ready to fight back - Moscow free from Mongols in 1480, Kyiv (and most of other central/western Rus principalities) free from Mongols in 1362. 5:02 5:26 he's using pictures that show Battle of Blue Waters (1362) to illustrate "Russia pushes Mongols out" when in reality Russia "pushed them out" in Great Stand on the Ugra River when Mongols didn't even fight with them. (obviously, Moscow have nothing to do with the Battle of Blue Waters)

  • 0:25 This hotel is not in Russia. It's in Ukraine, the Chernobyl zone.

  • Why didn't you mentioned Kaliningradskaya Oblast - that tiny bit of Russia among the Eastern Europe :D Also some random NeW_aGe places like Okunyovo village or Dyatlov Overpass is pretty interesting too!

  • Audio editing is real bad in this vid.

  • The map at 4:23 isn't a real one, it's from an eu4 playthrough

  • otlichnoe video, posmotrel na odnom duhanii.