Are you serious!? (Ranking Men By Fashion)

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 29 एप्रिल, 2021
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Are you serious!? (Ranking Men By Fashion)



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    • I like it when this notification shows up "Someone liked your comment" and "You have a new subscriber" :D

    • Already did

    • Can you do another American idol reaction video??

    • team red hat for life

    • That niqqaa in a red cap low key looks like YG

  • After watching the video, I didn’t even know Noah was in the video

  • Lls so og for being real.

  • I wonder what the dude's would've done if there had been a second dude in feminine clothing

  • The order for me would be Green shirt trucker hat suit red hat guy flower guy To be honest, just because that kid has confidence, and that's great, he just doesn't do "dressed best" for me:/

  • red hat the best hands down

  • The guy in the red hat was dripping he should have won

  • Y’all should react to 7 high schoolers decide who wins $1000 😭

  • This is the fakest 10 people I've ever seen in one room

  • Y’all where saying exactly what I was thinking.

  • Dude tbh the guy with the skirt was the worst fit

  • Steelers, Suit, Short Sleeve, Green, Flower

  • Get Simon from AGT up there

  • There’s this women in my town and she wears platform boots and a costume Viking hat she has confident but it’s not a good fit

  • I lowkey didnt realize noah was there until the end

  • I’d dress like the red hat guy. He the drippiest by farrrrr

  • Y'all read the comments to much😂

  • This video is full of facts

  • i couldn’t have been on this episode cause i woulda been the one guy to stand up and say his fit ain’t it

  • Crossdressers should not be called for men's fashion ranking.

  • That one girl said "Go off" when she saw Seann's makeup, which reminds me. Girls when their best friend is robbing 15 banks and committing a mass shooting: Go off bestie!

  • If it was a woman wearing that outfit they would find it normal to call it ugly or least well dressed. But just because it is a man, we should respect it and find it well dressed and not offend him. Man these days its getting hard to express your feelings.

  • the guy with the grey pants is the realest one out of all of them

  • Honestly if a female was wearing seans outfit id say that they look like a 4 year old girl whos parents dress them

  • I think the Steelers guy was best dressed

  • Ofc they put the only two black guys last

  • They put red head guy in last?! 😂😂He should be first!!! Flower boy is just first because of his sexuality 🤦🏽‍♀️ ridiculous

  • I Honestly feel like the guy in the Steelers jacket was best dressed. They put the flower boy first because they didn't want to get backlash and have people call them homophobic

  • he coulda came harder

  • Red hat had the best fit

  • I've always had big respect for this channel

  • 12:00 wrong at the end of the day it is who dreesed the best

  • 8:34 just because you are confident doesn't mean you are the best dressed. This video is about fashion not confidence.

  • *Guy in the dress comes in* Noah: "Isn't fashion subjective tho?" Rhino: "It definitely is.."

  • Jubilee is synonymous to BIASED.

  • Bro it's like Sean was finna call him out as soon as he said one thing, like they being held at gunpoint..... they're treating Sean like a child.....lmao how you finna say he's #1 off of levels my guy.

  • Rhino was being sus

  • Flower boy: (tells bestfriend before video) I bet I can win wearing my little sister's clothes, accessories, and pair of boots. Bestfriend: Nawww Flower boy: ....W

  • “His edges aren’t even layed”😭😭

  • These guys are based af

  • "to me, he could have came harder" "pause"

  • I'm not being rude or homophobic bit that shawn guy needs to go to 5 because his fit is DEAD "its just levels yo"

  • Bro we all know that the guy in the flower dress was out there for publicity

  • They did the guy in the red hat dirty

  • Red hat

  • The one in the middle has best fashion im actually a trans person (born male)

  • Bro shut up ehtier

  • honestly, wouldnt wear Seann's fit but its valid and I think it is higher than whatever the fuck trucker hat is doing XD

  • if i buy womens clothes and put it on myself (i am a man) that doesnt not mean i am wearing mens fashion

  • They did red hat so dirty idc

  • If the final order was completely opposite, it would’ve been the best order

  • Just from fashion alone the man literally looks like he’s wearing like how 7 year old would dress

    • Like young thug pulled off a dress and killed it.

    • He went through his little sister closet to find that bullshit

  • it’s levels, yo

  • Y’all got the order correct. I said the same thing

  • watching the Ranking men By Fashion video was like watching an America's Got Talent Audition. Instead of judging based off the topic they judge based off the backstory

  • Steeler looks clean bro like what

  • Who tf is the guy wearing The dress😳 come on its supposed to be guys Fashion like I know its a guy but you could at least pick someone who's dressed like a guy

  • i did like red hat's outfit tho

  • 1:26 😂😂

  • I really do like this video because it's honest. Great job guys!

  • Picture it like this if U go in the store and go to mens area which mannequin would have the freshest fit if they where wearing these 5 fits. Red hat in my opinion

  • The wealthy conga reilly share because process supply reach throughout a itchy crime. husky, false familiar famous mirror

  • Never have I once agreed with the reactions more than I have today. 👏 They only spoke the truth.

  • It goes red hat suit the guy with the glasses the trucker hat dude then the flower dude

  • People are to considerate these days

  • 🥰100% agree

  • just levels yo

  • Flower nigga is last thats for sure

  • I like it when this notification shows up "Someone liked your comment" and "You have a new subscriber" :D

  • noah dosnt talk much?

  • It doesn’t mean your fit is hard 😂

  • His edges aren't even laid 😬😬😬😬😬😂😂😂😂

  • hat 2.suit 3.tallest guy 5.white hat If i had to be objective. But i'd switch 4 and 5 personally

  • They just didn't wanna get cancelled lmfao

  • Now we see how real men works...

  • the video is full of cap

  • I think red hat had the hardest fit so he would go first and suit would go second and then green shirt third white hat would go fourth and last flower guy #respectfully

  • I’ll put red hat first then green shirt then the brown shirt and then the suit and then the dude that had the makeup

  • John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." Have a blessed day, brothers and sisters in Christ! :)

    • Amen same to you ✝️

    • Same to you

  • That game so so rigged🤦

  • Shawn was 5 for me

  • So men wearing suits is not expressing ?

  • These girls out here with the order backwards

  • Look how intense they are watching

  • I really agree they should've picked a specific style or something

  • I hate how we have to bow down to this world just to be politically correct even though we know how dumb it is.

    • Exactly I want to be biblical correct

    • Your comment deserves a dollar for every like. That's how what I see.

  • This world is going downhill smh

  • I luv how all three of them were staring so intently and strictly like they were the judges of a 1 million dollar competition

  • Definitely tip toed around LGBTQ dude

  • imagine disrespecting steelers red cap. It was 🔥

  • When we say everyone should be treated equally, putting the homosexual person in the front is not equal. I feel like Ryan, Noah, and Robs comments were fully reasonable.

    • Agree

    • Yeah

  • ayo where are those skippy pins??

  • “When I think of best dressed, I think of a suit. So he’s lower because he didn’t stand out” ??????😭 7:55

  • making the video longer with comments and pauses is very oooooldest trick in the tube, get fresh ideaz broz

  • cant agree more with yall


  • Everyone sleepin on number 4 tho

  • I know imma get hate for this but he the person in the skirt looks like a cracked out disney character

  • read like 200 comments and we all saying the same thing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Red hat easy