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Best Mother Witch Deck in Clash Royale - ClashwithShane
Clash Royale 2021 Best Mother Witch Deck for Legendary Arena 13 on Ladder Trophy Pushing with Mother Witch Deck after Balance Update and Elite Barbarians Deck after Balance Changes.

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  • What do you think of the newly buffed mother witch?

    • mrlevel.info8858ITJUtm8

    • Pls use inferno tower cycle

    • You are a king shane

    • People will be using mother witch and we cannot use skarmy to counter prince and we can't use witch too 😭😭😭

    • Beware haters Shane's got a piggy army 😂😂

  • replacement for the bandit?

  • Saya dari Indonesia dan saya sangat menyukai konten MRlevel anda 👍

  • Wait but I still don’t get it how they have that star ⭐️ under the picture

  • man so glad to be back to watching ur vid,, love ur gameplay commentry

  • Shane: A thousand and a half damage My brain: 1,000.5

  • the mother whitch is op

  • deck sucks

  • Very fun content creator

  • Looking to sell level 13 clash royale id. If anyone's interested let me know



  • 3 musketeers need a real buff, way to weak along with pump

  • love how you manage to defend with this deck this is amazing and i like how you cut the videos god job broo

  • Speak English Shane it’s Fahrenheit now I got to go look and see how much difference in temperature it really is

  • am shane babeshap my ok

  • Nobody: Ppl who used Giant Skeleton before: :((((((

  • I love when you say "oh no" 😍

  • I'd say Ebarbs are literally the strongest cards in clash royale...even pekka gets destroyed with right support

  • im a huge fan love ur decks

  • Mother witch decks are so fun to watch

  • What if i do not have bandit and electro wizard?

  • Shane I cannot joining the pandasceme clan. It's full. Boot some inactivity players.

  • I just realized he’s apart of the spacestation

  • Shane: "The Mother Witch" Morten: "The MADA Wish" 😂😂

  • I Just Got A Legendary Chest Yesterday it was Ready To Open And I got a wild card lol i taught i was gonna get a new Legendary card i was expecting like im getting a bandit sparky or mega knight but i got a wild card bruh

  • Suppose your enemy do a graveyard And then 15 mega knights come from graveyard 😂😂😂

  • Shane: We can’t afford to over commit this game Also Shane: Continues to over commit

  • Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it

  • You sure they didnt buff e wizard? Lol he got some crazy work done in those games

  • What a deck I won the arena 5 times and This is 1 of my favorite thanks shane for sharing this deck to everyone😉

  • Insane bro❤️❤️

  • lol the cannon cart is so slow... i don’t like it now🗿

  • Apple settings don’t even phase Shane at this point

  • The weather is the same in germany bro. One week 22°c the other week 5°

  • Clash with Shane I’ve been enjoying your clash royale videos

  • ive just came back watching cr to see every youtuber OVER editing their content, PLEASE STOP or ill only watch B-rad Fml

  • Step 1 in playing Shane’s decks 1: be max level Bro I swear I use these decks and I can’t use them because I have like level 10 cards

  • He makes playing this game look so easy

  • I don’t even use his decks I just watch him trying these decks it’s entertaining


  • Junge

  • I have a deck I really want you to try

  • Love your vids been watching since the OG days, I would love to see you actually PUSH though. Every vid you’re 6100-6200 I feel like you can do better and a push video a lot of people would like to see. Let’s see your max potential Shane! Love bro, have a good day.

  • What clan is he from

  • Cards:- Gets BUFFED Shane :- It's free real Estate

    • Card: Gets nerfed B-rad: It's also free real estate 😂

  • Do you think deck will work with Lower level cards

  • R.I.P. X-Bow players... 😞 I played 6 hours trying to get in master II... It's impossible 🤦‍♀️ can't survive

  • If the cannon cart would have been faster then Mr. lobby would have got it by rocket🤣🤣

  • İ think giant skeleton nerf was too much it should have been less

  • I just hate the fact that the giant skeleton is really bad now and the canon cart's speed the new meta is all about piggies

  • That cannon card is ridiculously slow moving now. LOL

  • I haven’t even pulled it yet 😢 I want it tho

  • Beautiful editing, love the content my man!

  • With every video, Shane Proves that Clash Royale is illegal, Haha.

  • I am greatly confused , Shane claims all the decks as Broken and great , but which one of them is the best ? Whats ur personal deck SHANE ?

  • 7:43 Me - What happens if MAgic Archer shoots one's own tower. 7:43 Shane also - If the Magic ARcher hit the tower, that would be funny is it?

  • I’m thinking I’m loosing more battles now... 😢

  • im just wondering, every signle of your videos is another 100% winrate 100% broken and 500% meta unbeatable best deck for clash royale

  • I’m rocking code Shane !

  • you should do a video where you use subscribers decks that seem good

  • LOl, Idk if it's just me but the decks never really work for me but I still watch these vids for fun

  • Yo I want to see Shane and sirtag doing a Collab . Hit a like if u agreee. Its gonna be butterflies

  • Can I switch the electro wizard ice wizard ????????

  • I love e barbs so good deck for me

  • Why is he not upgrading the mother witch for the golden skin..?🙄

  • *ultra what

  • I've never seen someone use the clap emote and clap irl

  • How is the cannon cart medium speed? It’s definitely slow

  • Cannon cart is now super slow😭

  • I thought this was an april fools video

  • rip giant skeleton

  • i think the e barbs are a different level of sauce, theyre marinated!!!

  • 11:12 to 11:18 while shane was defending the ebarb on left lane just shreds the tower LOLOL

  • New tier list bro

  • I feel like more things needed to be buffed in the new update

  • Wow

  • Irregardless is not a word. Regardless is already negative and Ir is negative so now you have made the word positive :P Great video! It looks fun and will definitely test it out.

  • No win condition

  • Day whatever of telling shane to use deck shop for clash royale

  • Shane resume: highly successful, hilarious MRlevelr, pro video gamer, am I missing something?

    • Gorgeous hair

    • Daily upload💥

    • @Mitu Nayak Ayo the thumbnails are fire stop hating

    • Cringy thumbnails

  • MW do nothing on those matches

  • 12:24 "Imma Fireball this magic archer down" Shane 2021 Even if its a dart goblin haha xd

    • @Vivmine CL xd

    • @Coolbasket ye same I don't play grow like that anymore I only got like 35 dls, but I have played it for like 5 years, but I also quit for like 2 years then played again same with clash

    • @Vivmine CL i also play clash royale xd

    • You play growtopia,

  • It's hard to understand you with the way you speak sometimes lol ill keep disliking your videos if I hear a word I can't understand. Other than that, keep clashing😎

  • I love the new update but hate the balance changes. the meta was full with split lane decks and now it is even more viable. you just need to pressure both lanes with the op ebarbs (doing like 400 damage per hit), 3 muskies, hogs, and than on top the mother with piggies and heal spirit. Also the e golem decks are broken now

  • Mother witch is now INSHANE

  • İ think mother witch will be op in 3 musk deck

  • We need a new electric giant deck with the new update

    • cannon cart , Electro Giant, Mega Minion, Baby Dragon, goblin cage, fire ball, tornado & barbarian it rocks.....4.1 elixir...Try

  • 🙂🙂🙂

  • Shane is secretly my mom

  • I absolutely hated motherwitch but now...kinda wanna...use it 😉

  • Niceeee

  • Nicee

  • Next video:top 5 best mother witch decks in clash royale.:))

  • 230th day of telling Shane to make a video on 2.9 X-bow cycle deck btw although it's nerfed thrice I guess Shane can easily do it

    • Neah, man... Because i don't have max level X-Bow deck...

  • Bro the RG faster than cannon cart WOW!

  • Thanks Shane your boi is forwarded keep practicing and don't give up

  • 15mins ago

  • Love you bro from India 🇮🇳 India 🇮🇳

  • 3:44 successful fire bombing of the ground