The Rise And Fall Of Clash Royale

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 29 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
The Rise and Fall of Clash Royale - Havoc Gaming - We'll be taking an in depth look at how clash royale became google plays game of the year to where it is today. The rise in popularity, and the fall. is it truly a dead game?

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  • "One more video before bed mom" >Join my discord >Twitter >Instagram >Snapchat - hav0cgaming

    • I miss the heal so much I used to rage heal balloons lol

    • Mum*

    • In cr

    • @new update

    • 69 🌝

  • I just want to relive that 2016 to late 2017 era once again. So much emotions, so many memories

  • now it’s big again

  • I think with this year supercell has finally started to grow again, so many more channels are uploading again, new modes and tourneys, and also everyone has nothing to do since they are just sitting around

  • Imo the summer updates are some of the best for the game.

  • Mega knight ruined the fucking game

  • I still think clash royal is not doing THAT bad

  • It's reviving tho... And I don't know how good is that for the industry.

  • We at the supersel are listening to the community and after 9 years in development we hope it was worth the wait

    • This is a tf2 reference

  • Were is the fall of boom beach and hay day lol but mostly boom beach

  • Lol I haven't played since 2017, downloaded it yesterday and I have no fking idea wtf is going on lol

  • ik ben een scheetje zijn er nederlandse kijkers hiero Q!!! sassasasasasasasa

  • I remember watching youtubers in 2016 freaking out abut getting legendary for $25. I literally screamed when i got my first legendary. Now its like eh i got one.

  • Well in our school in theik its made a comeback.

  • dead game, at least in summer 2021 where you get regulary matched with people 3 levels above or lower then you. They simply dont have enough players for a fair matchmaking anymore.

  • Dead game

  • Yaz

  • think it might be just cause the people im hanging out with are getting back into it but i feel like its making a small comeback

  • Pay to win games are destined to can make quick bucks but you will loose audience trust...............

    • Sussy baka

  • Man the match making is too bad i im level 11 and i had match against a level 9 with a level 13 pekka and wizard my cards is level 10 thats so fuck up you have to pay to max a cards thats why i quit playing this game is great i will remember this game forever thanks supercell for the memories ❤️

  • Lvl 1 accounts...

  • It’s more pay to win than it’s ever been

  • Well new troops have come and are coming, and we always have clash royale gamers to hype up the game.

  • _sometimes you will destroy game with updates so.. leave it old but gold_ -*My dad*

  • I gotta admit the game is becoming big again

  • Games kinda back just saying

  • Can u make an updated version bc for some reason there’s a lot of hype in my school

  • for the faulty matchmaking I always matched against lvl 10s and 9s and I'm a king tower lvl 11 and all of my clan cards are over lvl 9

  • Now it's increasing again

  • I remember in 6th grade clash royale was at its peak, my whole reputation and popularity revolved around clash royale, since i was fairly good at the game, and having all the cards in the game. Good Times.

  • I'm sorry but who is the guy at 1:20? I watched him before but i forgot his channel name Edit : nevermind i found it, Mars ultimate gaming

  • Beafore like a month ago i had clash royale on my phone and i wasnt playing it cuz it was little boring but like 2 weeks ago i started and its awsome like beafore

  • This game gave me PTSD as a kid

  • Y’all remember when legendaries were actually rare?

  • I've quit Clash Royale because of toxic players. The emotes are toxic af. Spam crying king after winning. That's very toxic.

    • Turn off emotes

    • soft

  • Wow this is a great video

  • Supercell ruined this game

  • I cried the second I heard Chief Pat

  • People who still play it like 👍

  • And the rise again.........

  • Me and my brother got clash royale the second it came out in the app store

  • I like cod ghost not multiplier but 😞

  • I started the game yesterday 😂

  • I think it’s getting attention again. Anyone else think the same? Even I started playing again it’s a lot different now

    • tiktok has helped its growth recently

    • Yeah now almost everyone in my school is playing

  • building only 4v4?

  • I just hate the chests. Why do i wait to open them its bullshit.

  • love it when youtubers complain abt the game cuz they dont realise that they wouldnt be shit without that game 💀💀

  • Time to make a part 2, it's rising yet again. Did you really expect the game would just vanish into thin air already?

  • I remember way back when I abused royal giant because it was absolutely cancer

  • Remember when I got my first legendary, mega knight.....miss em days.

  • Make a rise and fall in clash of clan pls

  • Who else remembers when 2v2 came out the game crashed


  • dead game

  • It's, on a rise right now for some reason

  • the problem with supercell games is that it after some point in the game it becomes sort of grindy and pay to win/progress

    • I still play supercell games with the same intensity as I used to 5 years back.

  • Why is it coming back now wth

  • who remembers super magical chest?

  • I have the 5 year badge but haven't played in 2 years. I got on and it's nearly impossible to win it's to much pay to win, I'm level 11 with 11 or 12 cards while I keep on going against level 10 11 12 with Max cards and most of them don't even have the one year badge. I try to win the events but people with the pass have infinite passes and try to hard what's the point of playing F2P if it's nearly almost impossible to get chest. This is why Clash of clans is better

  • Interestingly, there has been a resurgence at my school. My whole grade is playing and active enough to win 5 weeks of clan wars. I hope that means it will return everywhere

    • This is the same at our school. Everyone is playing again

  • I heard that mispronunciation of risen

  • after this video: supercell: ok havoc we are going to stop paying you

  • Haha, "SEGAment." Nice one. (30:59)

  • ..and rise again!

  • Only OGs remember there was only one tower skin

  • y’all remember when there were only 2 legendaries and people paid 100s of dollars on sm chests for them

  • Fun Fact: All good things happened in 2011, and all good things falled down in 2017.

  • Little did he know “and rose again”

  • And now its randomly coming back into the public eye!

  • Like cod ghosts pvz gw1 and bfn were also hard to find matches

  • Kay now do clash of clans

  • I still remember the time I got my first legendary from a magical chest it was sparky I literally screamed my friends were so jealous

  • Miner was disgusting when first released. I remember I would just leave the game if my opponent plays a miner lol.

  • Now i understand why OJ only makes Brawl Stars content lately except some challenges

  • Hype in germany again

  • Dead game

  • This is such a dramatic video and its amazing!

  • I’ve been playing since end 2016

  • Ladder is just unfair now because if your cards are a high level you will most likely lose

    • That's kind of fair in a way, you cannot just keep rising high with low level cards, there has to be a limit. Even with maxed cards people get stuck at a particular trophy range due to not enough skills, only the best in the world progresses higher.

  • 11:39 I actually have all of these emotes as pretty much free 2 play(I only bought the pass Royale once)

  • MRlevel and google analytics is not the best way of getting data because not everyone uses google to search clash royale. For example CHINA a massive part of the player base

  • I like how the most popular “C” search is Cocomelon 💀

  • Why do I feel like don't matter what you do, there will always be someone complaining

    • Because it's sadly true.

  • Only OG's remember, when the Prince was a rare card

  • I think pay to win players ruined it

  • coc is better than cr because coc is not about winning only, it is about progression, losing and winning doesnt matter. in cr, if u dont win, u dont have progression

  • remember when cross bow was a meme

  • It's been a long time that I didn't keep playing games when I see it's pure capitalism...

  • After some many updates clash royale ruined itself....

  • I still play it

  • I gotta say, Part of the popularity was the novelty of climbing up arenas but now everyone's in arena 13 with all cards unlocked and theres less experimentation than before.

  • This game is so unfair Better to not play

  • OGs will remember the free chests you'll get every 4 hours

  • Cr and CoC aren’t dead

  • I KNOW the match making is a huge problem. if you make a build to counter another build, you get a build to counter yours. And I usually win 1/5 games because of that

  • 0:15 "anD end"

  • Now it’s back to being amazing

  • Did he just say fortnite is dead? Fortnite is the most played game right now.

  • epic cards shows mini pekka 28:43

    • It used to be

  • I have always said it the reason clash Royale died is because you need a LOT of money to get Max cards . I still play it through for last 3 years .