V-4 | GOA - I Got a GAMING Tattoo! *DREAM* | Life Uncut w/ Tanmay

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 21 जानेवारी, 2021
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- GOA VLOG IS HERE! I Got a Tattoo that means so much to me! , Watch me Get it and Me explain what It means :)
• Video By: Urvesh ( urv3xh24) :p
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  • Mamaearth Is Trying To Make A controversy Out Of Thugesh Vs Scout

  • Sad that thor got a stormbreaker

  • Mamaearth kisko toh chod do mamaearth marketing team be like jo bhi youtuber dikhe pakad ke laao

  • Scout in his vlogs using Onion mama earth.. me using 250: grams of onion

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  • Tattoo meh elgato bhi aana chahiye tha

  • Bro you did a good thing by giving children kulfi

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  • Kindness×10000

  • 73 bar guys say

  • Your hair is like m416 gliyshar

  • Tw mujile tatoo khope hamlai ball 💯

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  • Please wear Rolex or rado on hand(White )

  • The videos 50% part contains the mama earth's content...😂

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  • I am thought about Messi hand.Innthe thumbnail😁

  • Scout is so kind 3:24 helping the charity

  • Love your vlog

  • To those who are saying why he or his cameraman filmed 3:24 . Ahrey mere bhai, jab buda kuch hota he, yahan wahan video banake dhindhora pitne me maza aata he logon ko aur jab accha chize video karne ka baari aata he toh ajaate he ulta ramayan padhaaney kahan kahaan se. Mirchi lagna shuru hojata he. Dikkhat he mat dekho. Skip it. 🙏 chizo ko bewaja toxic banakar ulta disha mat do.

  • Bhai agar kuch time late ate toh tum log mumbiker nikhil se bhi milte waha par

  • every one in comment section 3:24 no offence but tell me if u r kind enough why u need to film this???

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  • Were is elgato😂😂

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  • Fabulous tattoo 🤩 bro,what was the song,can anyone plz Tel or link plz🙏❤️

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  • You are so good you help poor children

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  • Tattoo me super Mario be hain!!

  • English into 100 ho gya


  • Love from Assam😍

  • Regaltos was like ' haa Mai Chapri'😂😂

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  • that pround moment scout purchasing kulfi for kids proud of u sir luv u

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    • na pata mujhe by vasu kainth

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  • Bro I need the same life what to do😣😓😓😓😓

  • Is that a temporary tattoo or permanent?

  • Guys i spent most of my time in recording and editing i need all my brothers and sisters support 😔😔

  • Bhai aapke tattoo me elgato nahi hai 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • I think scout is punjabi 🤔

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  • Maturity comes when you realise Product he recommended that was only Sponsered..😂😂 Just kidding 😊

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  • only Allah is our God and only Islam is true religion brothers