Fabio Wibmer - Fabiolous Escape 2

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 24 एप्रिल, 2018
Join me on my escape from the police in my newest film in Saalbach!
Snow, big jumps, angry police, helicopters and big airs. You'll see it all!
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Big thanks to Saalbach Hinterglemm and Red Bull for making this project happen!
Such a crazy time filming and producing this video. Can't wait to be riding in the summer in Saalbach. Want some infos? Check them here:

Also big thanks to Bernhard Niederseer, Florian Hasenauer, Michi Rudolf, Elias Schwärzler, Alex Meliss, Hannes Berger, Roland Hofer for helping!
Executive Producer:
Bernhard Niederseer
Co Producer:
Video filmed by:
Alex Meliss
Drone shot by:
Michi Rudolf
R View Productions
2nd Camera/Behind the Scenes camera:
Elias Schwärzler
Hannes Berger
Paraglide pilot:
Fly'n Soul - Florian Hasenauer
Head Shaper:
Shape Syndicate - Roland Hofer
Video edited by:
Fabio Wibmer
Colour grading and Sound design:
Red Bull Media House
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  • It's here! Fabiolous Escape 2! Craziest project I've done so far! Thanks Saalbach and Red Bull for making it happen! Let me know which scene you liked the most! :D

    • 500

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